Does Chanel reguild gold hardware from the vintage collections?

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  1. I was thinking about getting the Diana bag but was wondering what happens when the gold chips away til it's worn out? Can you get it fixed by Chanel?
  2. I don't know about that, but I have a person who restores Chanel and he is able to get the hardware re-coated to match the original. I'm in LA and would be glad to refer you his info.
  3. Thanks! I will privately message you if I ever get the flap bag.... I live all the way in Canada, so, I am not sure about anything. =P

    Take care, Gail!
  4. Sure, let me know!
  5. Most likely not since its vintage and they've been *bleeps* about their repair/refurbishing policy as of late.

    Leather Surgeons definitely does it because I inquired about it a few months ago for one of my vintage flaps. They're based in Pennsylvania and Chanel uses them for their U.S repair needs.
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  6. Would it be hard to send a vintage flap from Canada to there? It just sounds kind of risky to send three grand bag all the way to somewhere else... |Perhaps I should stick to silver hardware?
  7. Hi,
    As bisoux78 said, leather surgeons does re-guild hardware. I've had it done on several Chanel bags and vintage jewelry. It looks beautiful after. I know people ship them bags from all over the world. I'd check out their website and contact them.

    I buy bags from a seller in the UK and they ship bags regularly to LS for repairs.

    I hope you get your Diana soon!
  8. Hello. I just saw your post. Is he/she able to repair the chain and the cc on the front of the classic flap if the gold has chipped off on a newer flap with gold toned hardware? TIA
  9. Great to hear about the re-gilding by the Leather Surgeons! Will they re-gild it with 22k gold like many of the vintage flaps have?
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