Does Chanel on Rodeo Drive have more stuff?

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  1. Hi ladies aka Chanel connoseiurs..

    Do any of you shop in Chanel on Rodeo Drive? Cos my sis is visiting and she wants to check out the boutique NM in SD is nice but a little small (!)..

    Would appreciate any feedback u have....thanks!! :P
  2. How about the Chanel boutique in South Coast Plaza?

    The boutique on Rodeo Drive is bigger and carries fine jewelry. About having more inventory, I think they do - but Chanel at NM in San Diego does a really nice job of cramming a lot of bags into a small space.
  3. The Rodeo Chanel has more inventory than my NM, but about the same as any other Chanel boutique I've been in.
    But as Mon points out, they have a HUGE selection of fine jewelry.:drool:
    If you have time, I'd try and visit it and the SCP store as Mon suggests:yes:
  4. To shop for Chanel in LA area, IMO, boutique at SCP is the best and Saks at BH is the worst. If you shop at SCP boutique, you can also shop at the new Bloomingdales in SCP, they carry Chanel too, and also NM in Newport Beach.
  5. Chanel BH has alot of fine jewelry and clothing. I wasn't too impressed w/their handbag selection though.
  6. Chanel SCP is great!! They have good inventory for bags. When I bought my medium flap, my SA took out all three for me to pick!
  7. LOL, my SA does the same for me. I think we might be using the same SA at SCP. :yes:
  8. South Coast has way more stuff than Rodeo in my experience. I'm actually from SD and I have to say, the designer shopping there can be a real pain. Though Fashion Valley has gotten better recently. OH! and the SAs there also seem way nicer.
  9. I think I would visit SCP, like all the other ladies have suggested. It's sometimes a hit or miss for me though; the last couple times I went, they didn't have very many bags. If you have a general idea of what you are looking for, try calling the stores!
  10. I shop at the BH location and enjoy it. Barbara is my SA and very nice. The selection will probably increase once they move back into their normal location. As they are still in the temp. location during the remodel right now.
  11. thanks ladies! I will definitely go to SCP then..

    I went to NM last Saturday to the Chanel boutique..although small they had some bags..I saw a black jumbo caviar with new chain, a medium white with new chain and some slouchier bags..also a GST/PST so it was not bad.
    and the SAs are quite nice too...!

    I heard that sumone just got a white jumbo with new chain from them...I would love to get that bag!!