Does Chanel offer a simple bi-fold wallet?

  1. My new Classic black caviar flap definitely deserves a better wallet than the Buxton I've been using for several years. But I don't want a wallet with coin pouch/pocket... a simple bi-fold for bills, with some slots for credit cards & driver's license, is perfect for me. Is such an item available? I'd love one with the little circular, enamel logo!
  2. I have a bi-fold, but it does have a change compartment. I use it for other things though, so it doesn't get bulked up with change. I put my car insurance and stuff like that in there instead. I'll find the picture I posted of it and move it here. It's caviar leather, BTW.
  3. It's on the left side. The other one holds credit cards and I can fold cash in half and put it in the center when I have a smaller bag and less room.
  4. THANK YOU, April -- and wow, it's fun to see all those other accessories too!
  5. Wow, April...wha a great collection you have. I love your charms bracelet the most. I've never seen it before. It's super cute.
  6. Thank you! Hope the wallet picture helped. If you like it, I can dig out the box and give you the style number so an SA can look it up for you. I think it was $450-495. Let me know if you want it.