does chanel make small zip around wallets?

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  1. I thought I already posted this thread today, but I'm guessing it didn't go through because I didn't see it in the first few pages. If I did and I'm just blind please forgive me! I know there are long wallets like swanky's zip around wallet:love: , but are there more compact ones? TIA:flowers:
  2. I have the same zip wallet as swanky, but I don't believe Chanel makes a smaller one. LV makes one that is a tad smaller, not much, but you could look on Elux to get the measurements. I love my zip around Chanel wallet!
  3. Well I'm relatively new to chanel but my wallet is pretty compact and small. It's made of denim (same range as those bowler bags) and has a zip all around :shame: ...
  4. I would love to see a pic...... thanks!
  5. Hi sweetie, I don't know how to post a picture. :sad:
  6. there is the zip around cambon "cell phone holder/anything else holder " kwim?
  7. ^^Oh yes, someone has a pink one right?
  8. :heart: Here's mine sweetie... :love:
    DSCN2127.JPG DSCN2126.JPG
  9. I THINK it's from the luxury line but don't quote me on that because I'm a Chanel newbie... =)
  10. That is an adorable denim wallet. Do you mind telling me how much you paid for it? I really like it.
  11. Hi sweetie, I can't remember the exact price for it but it's approximately AUD$750. =) It's my favourite wallet!
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