does Chanel make hand-held bag?? input needed!

  1. Chanel lovers....,
    I need some idea for hand-held bag (not shoulder bag) by Chanel.., well actually is my mom who's asking for it..
    based on my knowledge, it seems that Chanel has pretty little collection of this kinda of bag.. (correct me if I'm wrong..), by I mean of hand-held bag is something like LV Speedy or Manhattan PM or Suhali doctor bag (but she wants Chanel):

    -here's the pictures of some examples-


    Please help me, ladies!! your help is very much appreciated! :heart::heart:
  2. after done my research, I only found : Chanel caviar bowler, Lady Braid Satchel & Cambon bowler..., somebody please enlighten me..
  3. Have you seen the kelly?
  4. yes, but she doesn't really like the style.. hehe sorry, she's a picky person.. thanks for the input though :biggrin:
  5. Lady braid?
  6. Have you seen the Cerf tote?
  7. i think the lady braid is a fab bag for your mom, i would get that for my mom in the future if that design ever repeats, or there's a similar design!

  8. The Lady Braid is a nice choice. It's a good size, soft and squooshy, and I love the hardware. There's also the Cloudy Bundle bowler which I believe is still available.
  9. I love my lady braid too, the leather is very durable:tup: and very roomy!
  10. there's a few every season actually.
    Check out Le Marais, Outdoor Ligne, Vintage Ligne plus there's lots of doctor's bags as well.
  11. Thank you ladies!! My first style that comes up in my head is also the lady braid.. but haven't showed the picture of it to her. All ladies have a nice day! :love: more input is greatly appreciated! :idea: