Does Chanel Make Checkbook Covers?

  1. I'm looking for a new Checkbook cover (not a wallet w/checkbook). Does Chanel make one? I looked in the accessories and didn't see one.

  2. Yes. They do. I believe on one side there's about 6 card slots and the other a flap covering a pocket for your checks. Don't quote me on the number of card slots. I should have taken a picture of the interior while I was back home. But I looked at two different color interior (maroon and soft grey). I chose the maroon one to compliment the interior of the my mum's purse. Here's a pic. The wallet with checkbook cover is the bottom of the two.
    blk wallet n flap.JPG
  3. Thank you so much.
  4. Neat!
  5. The only thing I have seen is the wallet, not a true checkbook cover, like the ones you can purchase from the bank when you buy your checks. I would love to have one and I have a friend who has been looking for one.
    The wallet in lilbluebears post looks like the wallet that has slots for credit cards and is structured more like a wallet than a checkbook cover????
    Please post if you find a TRUE checkbook only cover.
  6. BTW, I have seen the Cambon wallet descibed as a checkbook cover/wallet.
    It is definitely a wallet, I have one. Haven't tried to put my checkbook in there, I just dont want my checkbook in my wallet.
  7. Hmm, I've only seen a wallet that can hold a checkbook, but no true cover as PennyD mentioned.
  8. The only ones I found were more the checkbook/wallet, not a "true checkbook" cover. I carry both a wallet and checkbook. Not that I can write very many checks anymore, but when I forget its nearing the 15th of each month, its nice to have my checkbook in the wallet.

    But for weekens or trips I just carry the wallet.

    Having both is nice, as I put the credit cards and other "store" cards (grocery store, hallmark, etc) in the checkbook that I may use here and there. And my smaller wallet is my every day stuff, DL, ATM card.