Does Chanel make an Ipod case?

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  1. I thought I heard that Chanel made Ipod cases. If so, has anyone seen one?

    I have several ipods that would love to be snuggled up in pure luxury.

  2. Yes . There is one from the Cambon line . Someone said the Chanel in Hawaii had a bunch .

    You should get the one w/ patent CC's to go w/ your Cabas !

    Btw , I've been meaning to ask you , is that you in the avatar ? Wow , you are in great shape .:yes: I'm totally jealous , I cannot find the motivation to work out .:shrugs:
  3. Yep, there is one made. I have seen them in the black/white combo in the cambon line. Don't recall how much it was though. I believe it was around $300.
  4. yes, that is me. I am a personal trainer and I run fitness boot camps in Florida.

    check out my website...Boot Camps To Go


    I can never let my recruits see me with Chanel, it will ruin my rep!! They will think I've gone soft and girly;)

  5. OMG , I hate you ! You are in AMAZING shape ! I went to your website , very cool ! I love the mommy boot camp .

    I think if PHH starts any sh!t w/ you , you could take care of it !
  6. wow, luvmychanel! that is some amazing definition you have going on there!!

    i've seen the black with white cc's cambon ipod cases in the boutiques still.