Does Chanel make a travel bag?

  1. I am a dork, so I don't really know the entire Chanel line. Does Chanel have a travel bag/keepall sort of like the LV keepall 50 that can be used as a carryon or an overnight bag?
  2. hmmm, an overnighter?
    I bet they do!
    They have gorgeous luggage, but I haven't seen duffles.
  3. The luggage is to die for! I would give them a ring and find out what kinds of carryalls they have.

    I wish I traveled enough to buy some....maybe if I move to fl, I can gift it to myself.
  4. We used to call them "one night stand bags".:roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  5. I have a duffle. it definitely is authentic although im not quite sure where or which countries sold it. want me to take a picture? :smile:) It's perfect sized and real strong - i had 20kg of records in there for a couple of hours and the seams are still so perfect!
  6. [​IMG]

    Tadah! The canvas has a few scuffs because of its light khaki colour. but it's perfect sized with enough secret compartments to stow everything.

    :smile:) and the serial starts with 787 so prolly something from the older collections?
  7. chanel have a line called the travel line and i've also seen the big trolley bags.
  8. I saw a luggage set recently but can't remember in which magazine.
  9. Yes, they do have luggage. They have a big tote bag that I think they may have considered an overnight bag. Nordstorm in Seattle had some pieces in stock recently.
  10. Retail is like $4,000 I think.

  11. Oooooh, look at that Irish!:heart:
  12. I was playing with a few from the Paris New York line today and they would make a great "train case".
  13. Wow.. Tdf!!

  14. i have a few pieces of a travel line. it's from 04 or 05 in grey. i'll post pics tonight, i think i have one of the big duffle bags here somewhere, i just have to find it.

    the big duffle i have is great because it is really big and holds TONS of stuff. it's incredible. i can put more in it than in my lv keepall. and it has a few compartments.

    ok, enough said, i'll go look for it and take pics

    btw, chanel does have a travel line of microfiber. also, in leather, but in my opinion the leather luggage is more for show than use. ok, i'm going to go look! :wlae:
  15. Thanks for everyone's help! Not that I go anywhere fab, but I need to be prepared in case I do. :yes: