does chanel make a cles (key and change holder) like LV has?

  1. this is the one item i use/carry all the time and would love some diversity. does chanel make anything like this? a little wallet for change, credit cards, and an attatchment for a key/s? if so any information including price would be fantastic!! thank you so much.

  2. Hey Kodi!!!!

    Yes, they kind of do. When I was at the Bellagio in Vegas, they had a little pouch thing (it was perforated leather and looked like a slighter larger cles), and it had a small leather strap on it with what I think was a keyring on the end of it. I asked the price of it and it was like $400 or more, I can't remember, but I was suprised at such a high price for such a small simple item.
  3. hmm, i'd need a visual. but if it was cute enough, i wouldn't mind having it :x

  4. Yes, a picture would be great - I would like something like that - I agree though $400 for a key / change case is a little nuts...when ya think about it....ok, so let's see a picture...anyone????
  5. Oh it was definetly cute!!!!! I'll see if i can find a picture......
  6. I have a pic of one in my showcase somewhere
  7. Jill, your showcase is as boundless as the dark. *envy*

  8. ^haaha. :yes:
  9. yes! I have a black one. I will post pictures.
  10. Here it is:

  11. thank you so much! that's very helpful, do you know if it's still made and retail?

  12. That's very cute, I would be interested to know too if it is still current and what the retail is.

    Thanks gals