Does Chanel let you keep the price tag?


Mar 28, 2014
Thanks for all your responses. Mine was purchased in Toronto Canada. I’m pretty sure I’ll never want to resell it but I thought it’s good to keep the tag. It’s got all the information about the bag on it. But it’s no big deal. It’s my first Chanel bag I’m sure I’ll never part with it.
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Beautiful bag, congrats! Your receipt has the same info as the tag.:smile:


May 20, 2007
Yeah some do, some don't...

In Panamá, they don't let you keep any tags (even on shoe boxes, which irritates me for the sake of cataloguing my closet/knowing specifics on the model #s), so I take a photo of the tag before they wrap it up in the back.

ETA: On Chanel et Moi most of the details on your item should be there though!
For SLGs/non-registered items (like shoes lol), I'd just take a photo of the tag. :flowers:


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Aug 31, 2008
I've noticed Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Prada rarely let you keep the tags in the US as of late. I'm thinking this is related to their constant price increases as many new tags don't even have price fields anymore.
+1 with @Swanky. I get tags. On some occasions, a TPFer will ask me for a style number or list price. But mostly they just take up space. I’m in NY and I buy from the Flagship boutique.

i am not always happy with a very visible reminder of how much money I just spent. So, I chuck them into gallon zip lock bags.


Dec 18, 2009
In the UK you never get the tags. When my SA is putting my sale through the till it appears that they keep the information from the tags and log it against my profile. I don’t think not having them affects any kind of provenance or authenticity.
Depends on the country. In my experience, if I was the first person the bag was sold to or delivered to in America, most of the time it has the tags. If I was not the first person, the tag could got lost during the transaction of the previous buyer or SA. My SA tries to include the tags when there is one. She doesn't remove it on purpose.