Does Chanel let you keep the price tag?

Sep 29, 2011
Just purchased a flap bag ( blue white floral fabric) from the boutique but when I got home and opened the box I noticed the SA cut off the price tag and didn't include it. I thought they want the tags attached incase you want to return it? Should I go back and ask for it? Seems like something I should have to prove authenticity incase I ever want to sell it in the future. Do they not give you the price tags? Also are they not including those black authenticity cards with the serial number on them anymore?


May 4, 2013
All my Chanel Bags purchased either in the US or Europe had tags attached - some two! (and without me asking.) Authenticity cards have been replaced (since June 2021) by golden metal plates within bags with a code on it that can be scanned to assure authenticity.
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Mar 12, 2008
The ones I've purchased in Europe do not but the ones in US had the price tag. When I asked the flagship boutique at rue cambon 31 in Paris, they told me that they don't give it out and that it's discarded.

Also, no more authenticity cards. It's now a metal plate inside with the serial number as of 2021
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