Does Chanel HK ever goes on sale?

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  1. I heard about the Chanel having sale once in a blue moon… I’m just wondering if it’s applicable worldwide? And to some members here from Hong Kong.. Does Chanel here in HK goes on sale too??
  2. Yes they do. but u have to ask them because usually during the sale season they will put those discounted handbag inside the shelf so if u ask them, they will open the shelf and tell you which one is on sale.
  3. Which month and how big are the discounts?
  4. Yes, I want to know too. Is there any advertisement? How do you know there will be sale? And can you let us know if there's any? Do all items on sale?


  5. I think they don't advertise.. Not sure with your other questions though.. I'm also wondering more about the sale!
  6. sale stock is usually around 30% off...some stuff 50%. maybe the older items.
  7. yes yes.. sale around June and Dec.. no ad at all, you need to ask the SA on that..
    normally around 30-50% off, but not on the classic items..
  8. Great info.. Thanks! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

  9. this is USA info, intl information might be different.