does chanel have any sales?

  1. does chanel have any sales during the usual sale seasons?

    i saw a beautiful clutch at the chanel store, and i was wondering whether it will go on sale or not, it's called small tote bag << it is white with a beautiful black netting on top of it with the camellia shape... :rolleyes:
  2. they have sales sometimes, but not on their permanent line.

    That sounds like it's probably not part of the permanent line. . . so may be it could:shrugs:
  3. june and dec. are the sale months.
  4. like the start of december? good to know! thanks!!:yahoo:
  5. Speaking of sales... I would like to know what you ladies think will go on sale in December? (The vintage line, cloudy, pony or which one?)
  6. thats a good question actually^^.. anyone?
  7. Chanel Sale at Nordstrom Seattle was December 14 LY. I know they take names to contact for sales.
  8. In the boutique they will hardly or never put any handbag in leather on sale.
    Right now they put all sport line on sale.
    See pics.
  9. One of the SAs from the boutique at Mall at Millienia just called to invite me to check out the fall line and the sale they have going on now with selected stuff at 40-60% off:nuts:
  10. awesome DeeDee! be sure to let us know waht you see! :love: :love: :love:

  11. I will:heart: Going this Friday:yahoo:
  12. I doubt any of the newer collections will be included in the sale such as Cloudy, and the Square Vintage line always does well. So unless Chanel discontinues a color in the SV line, my guess is that it won't be on sale anytime soon.

    I'd like to think I can hold out until December before buying anything new! It's only a few months away yet it will feel like a lifetime...
  13. I talked to a SA at a boutique recently as well as one at the 800 number & they both said leather bags don't go on sale at the boutiques. If you were looking for one of those, I'd wait out for one of Saks or Nm sales.
  14. Usually, the sales are for apparel, jewelry, and shoes...not so much bags. Chanes Sport bags go on sale. And usually, the regular Chanel ones that are discounted are tweed bags.
  15. That makes sense. . . I asked about the pink or beige cambons that went on sale when I was at the freestanding boutique last time and my SA looked at me like I was nuts! I was wondering wehy! LOL!

    They did have some shoes and accessories on sale, but no bags.