Does Chanel have any outlets?

  1. If they do where are they?
  2. I believe they have one in the east coast. Woodburry Commons if im not mistaken.
  3. ^yup, there is one in the new york/new jersey area at woodbury commons.
  4. One and only... NY. :biggrin:
  5. lucky new yorker, and :nogood::nogood::nogood: for us
  6. Has anyone been there recently? Do they have good stuff?
    Why have I NOT heard about this earlier!
    I'm SO moving there! Haha
  8. It is very hit or miss. Sometimes I have found nothing at all that even tempted me, other times I have picked up a few things. You often can get better deals when NM and Saks mark items down. I hope that helps!
  9. ^^ITA. I've only bought one item from the outlet out of the 4 times I've been there.
  10. I've always been disappointed at outlet stores - good suggestion on the markdowns at Saks and Neimans