Does Chanel ever go on sale?

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  1. Hello, all!!!

    I heard somewhere that Chanel goes on sale once a year. That seems too good to be true. Does Chanel ever go on sale?

    Thanks ~ you guys are awesome!
  2. Leamington...I see that you are a new member...welcome! I will have to leave CHANEL info up to the experts!
  3. Hi and welcome!:biggrin:

    please do a quick search, you'll find this question is asked very often and you'll find lots of great info:yes:
  4. Welcome Leamington!! This is a great place for Chanel info w/ the very best PFers~~~
    I am sure you will enjoy the forum.
  5. Chanel goes on sale twice a year actually. It's just the seasonal colors and styles.

    Currently there's a Chanel sale at Saks/Neimans
  6. Welcome! Yes it does! Last time, Neiman had a pretty big sale on their Cambon bags.
  7. Yes but only RTW and shoes..... never seen classic lines of handbags on sale..
  8. Thanks for your help/advice!!! You guys are awesome :smile:
  9. Boxing Day Sales for Chanel selected ready to wear, shoes and accessories begin tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. :wtf: Where, where, where?? NM, Saks, or in boutiques??:drool: