Does Chanel do wholesale?

  1. No fashion guru but can appreciate quality
    Thinking of buying my first handbag ($2600..yikes!!)
    Called Chanel very helpful girl South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa. Asked her about bag I'm interested in (Mini Cambon Multipocket Reporter White one) She said that no white ones are in the country ???... why does this site sell the same bag for $425 w/serial numbers and everything else?
    I need an experts advice...Does the $425 have something missing or some emblems missing? Site read Guaranteed Authentic** CHANEL *Mini* Cambon Multipocket Reporter but for $425 Could this be wholesale? Does Chanel do wholesale? Or is this a scam?
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  2. Chanel does not authorize online sales so what you are seeing is definitely a fake. I don't even think the retailers who carry Chanel (Neiman Marcus, Saks, etc.) buy at wholesale.

    Ebay has some reputable sellers but they will not be selling authentic bags for $425. Most are asking over retail and hope to profit on "hard to get" items.

    You either buy retail or risk getting a fake.
  3. scam, fake, counterfeit. . . .

    not happening, not w/ an authentic Chanel.
  4. hi girls
    i get really suspicious of ebay prices which are really low, but some buyers have contacted me before to want to buy my Chanel small classic flap for US350!
    Needless to say, I didnt sell, I couldnt do that to my poor now its still safe with me (phew!), the 'buyer' went as far to say that that was a fair price! (for a FAKE, maybe!)

    I have only bought retail. (peace of mind very important) hehe

  5. Just to add ....if you found it on Ioffer , it's fake .
  6. From what I have been told, the stores pay about 40% less than the retail selling price for the majority of the bags. Some seasonal ones are less and that allows the store to sell at a discount at the end of the season, etc.
    If you see a Chanel online for an insane discount, it has to be fake. The greatest thing about Chanel is that they cannot perfect the fakes. They may list pictures of the real thing, but they will send you something else.
  7. You can get Chanel at discounted prices at high end store outlets like NM last call. The discount is no much but sure you will be savig some money.:supacool: