does chanel do repair/refurbish for tear/crack on caviar flap

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  1. Wondering if Chanel can do Anything Abt small crack/tear ?

    I just saw a small crack/tear at the base of my caviar jumbo flap.
    It's just on the sewing part where the needle goes in/out. :sad:
  2. I'm having the same problem with the sewing part for my caviar classic, but on the strap!! the bag is 4-months old!!!!!!!!! It's the part where a thread binds the leather strap together... AND IT'S BROKEN :sad:

    I bought it at Saks in NY but now I am in Dallas so took it to their only Chanel boutique here and they are giving me such a hard time because I don't have a PHYSICAL receipt. I have a picture of the original receipt and the tag that matches everything on the receipt :sad:

    Hope you have a better luck! Try taking it to the store/boutique anyway and see if they can fix it. It's definitely worth trying! Good luck!