Does certain Perfumes cause headaches???

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  1. I dont know whats going on with me but.....for the last 6 months, I have been looking for that right I tried many but fell in love with 24 Faubourg by Hermes....

    After about 3 mths of use, I noticed that I had headaches when I wore I stopped....then I got a few others...and it has the same effect.

    After I talk to a few people about this, they suggested all natural I have now Joy 1000 which it soooo great but not exactly what I was looking to use everyday...

    Now my only option is Crabtree & Evelynes' Summerhill.......even though it doesnt last like a doesnt give me any headaches at least...this is the only products I used to use before....

    This has cost me abit...I hate this and cant understand it!!! Anyone else ever had this problem?? Any suggestions??:s Sorry its so long..........
  2. What about trying Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab? Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab: Potions, Perfumes, and Esoteric Brews

    They are handmade using only natural products. I haven't had a chance to sample them yet, but I have friends that are obsessed with BPAL and talk about nothing else. They have really funky fun names and hundreds upon hundreds of scents. I've heard they last a really long time because they're oil based.

    They're a little pricey, but well worth it from everything I've heard.
  3. :nuts: Thank you soo much!!!
  4. There isn't much that's not synthetic these days. Even the best and most expensive perfumes are not being made with the natural ingredients they once were. That's why they may smell differently than you may remember from years ago.

    Even natural perfumes are not natural, although they claim to be. Do you know how expensive that would be? If Guerlain, Hermès, Patou, L’Artisan and Caron, etc are using synthetics, there's a reason for it.
  5. I don't wear perfume...because of the headaches. They trigger my migraines. I get migraines alot w/ stress, or if I haven't eaten in awhile, or perfumes. Even if I were to smell those lil samplers in magazines, if I smell it for too long it'll bring on a migraine. :yes:
  6. Sometimes it happens to me with strong perfumes.. i get severe headache and i just feel like throwing up!! reminds me when i was pregnant lol
  7. Certain smells are known to trigger migraines. I avoid any strong perfumes because of that reason. It's not an uncommon problem at all. I use a body spray from B&BW that is not too overpowering in smell as an alternative to perfume.
  8. Yes, really musky ones give me headaches and make me nauseous. Even those samples in magazines - I have to rip them out otherwise I can't enjoy the mag!
  9. Yes they do. I'm very picky on what fragrances I buy. If they are too strong I will get a headache. Now if I'm interested in a new scent I get a few samples. Wear it a couple of times before I make a purchase.
  10. what about Fantasy from Britney Spear?? Since I bought it my boyfriend keeps getting bad headaches. Since you brought up this topic its the only thing I notice I've changed :shocked:
  11. Sorry to bump an old thread but thought it better than starting a new one since my question is covering the same subject.

    I got gifted 'Stella by Stella McCartney' perfume from my mum and OMG did it give me MAJOR headaches, i had to give it to charity after only a few wears as no matter how little of it i sprayed then i would suffer so bad with my head, since it has been gone i have no more headaches. Does anybody know what particular ingredient could be in this perfume that could illicit such a bad response?
  12. Same for my mom, she has to leave perfume samples outside when she gets the mail sometimes.
  13. Have you ever experienced headaches from any other perfumes? I think Stella has rose, peony, mandarin, and amber - could it have been any of those scents that was causing you the sensitivity? Sorry you had to deal with that - I suffer from headaches from pretty much all perfumes, so I can certainly relate.
  14. Well i have only suffered one other time (that i recall) very midly from Amarige (Givenchy) and that too has rose and amber so i guess it could be either of those. Except i think Gloria (Cacharel) has Bulgarian rose and amber in the ingredients and i have worn that soooo much over the past 10 years with zero problems so i am really puzzled...

    Awww all perfumes give you headaches? Wow do you think it has to do with the chemicals that they add? I know that people have complained of being sensitive to the alcohols that they use in them but IDK.
  15. ^Maybe a particular rose or amber scent? I'm not sure how perfume ingredients work, but perhaps there are variations of particular scents (like different types of rose scents, for example)?