Does Cerises coin purse shed like groom collection?

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  1. Hi,

    I have a general question. I have read that groom collection is silk printed?? so the pattern would fade or be scratched after sometimes. Does the same thing happen to the cerises collection??

  2. :shrugs: Anyone???
  3. Yup. Even MC.
  4. but if you are careful, members here have no problem with it.
  5. If you're careful, you should be fine. There are a few silkscreened collections including multicolore, Cerises, Panda, Cherry Blossom, Graffiti and the Groom.
    I have pieces from all of these and even with constant use, they still look good.
  6. yeah my groom is starting to come off in parts
  7. They're both silkscreened, so they are both vulnerable to scratches and chipping. But if it's any consolation, I've used my groom cles as a wallet for over 3 months now (getting shoved in and out of my pocket every day) and it still looks great. My groom agenda looks good too, but then again I only take it out a few times a day.
  8. Yes i have seen cerises partially faced off before.. :sad:
  9. Yes it happens, but if it does only after a lot of use and on parts that stick out or are bumped against often etc. I have many cerises and 2 groom pieces and the still look great.
  10. Still very lucky with mine too but I'm so very careful with all my LV, none of my new stuff has ever touched the floor, don't know about the stuff I bought used.
  11. Like anything that's silkscreened onto an LV canvas, it mgiht/will chip/fade overtime.

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