Does CDC go best with GHW or PHW?

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    Yesterday, i bought a chocolate brown CDC with gold hardware, but now wondering whether CDC would look better in gold or palladium.

    I noticed certain items *generally* look better with a specific type of hardware...IMHO - H belt looks better in PHW, while clic clac looks better in gold. Gold H belt just feels too showy for me on top of the prominent H, whereas clic clac gold looks classier than palladium.

    On bags, i think either hardware can be equally gorgeous, depending on color and texture.

    Of course these are generalities, and an individual favoring a specific hardware does well to stick to it, but for most of us who can go either way - does CDC look better in gold or palladium? Or can go either way? I dont think ill buy more CDCs so would love to get this right and be able to match with my clothes. I generally wear smart casual, lots of blacks, whites, blue,slack pants and occasional orange and purple. On weekends would be casual jeans and shorts.

    I still have a small window of opportunity to exchange so your feedback will be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Personally, I prefer PHW for CDC. But I think chocolate brown goes very well with gold.

    In the end I think it's more of what your gut tells you. You seem unsure of this choice, so I wonder if maybe it's not the perfect one for you. Would you be questioning it just as much if you got the CDC in PHW? If not, I'd exchange. If yes - I'd pick whatever matches your wardrobe most. I prefer matching black/white/blue to PHW, and orange to GHW, but there's no reason it can't go the other way.

    I'd be curious to know what you settle on. :smile: Good luck!
  3. You're right, I do feel that the hardware do look good on certain things and not so much on others, eg. I prefer my enamel bangle with gold!

    I don't own a CDC yet, but I think the hardware really depends on the leather colour,
    for me, PHW is sort of a "neutral" colour that could go with anything, while gold hardware is more selective.

    I think chocolate brown and gold give a very nice rich, warm colour. IMO, the Gold hardware has a more "classic" look. Palladium is more modern.

    In all, I think at the end of the day it depends on
    1. your taste. Get the one that you really love, and not doubtful about!

    2. skin tone (certain skin tone looks better with gold vs. silver tone jewelery)

    3. your current collection of jewelery and watches, if you plan to stack (may be it's just my own preference, but when I select my outfit I don't mix gold and silver tone - it's either or).

    Hope you can make up your mind soon and let us know if you decided to keep it!

    EDIT: I forgot to add, but is the chocolate brown leather actually what you like were looking for? May be it's not just the hardware!
  4. thanks so much birkenbrains and nguyenp. you captured my sentiments exactly. in fact, i was looking for a very classic black leather with PHW, but it was not available. but H allows you to exchange, so now I'm back at home, i'm thinking to check at the local boutique with a possibility of exchange before the time elapses.

    i did feel the chocolate brown with gold was a perfect match when i tried it on the boutique. Whereas black with gold for CDC specifically is a tad on the flashy side - my opinion only.

    here is a picture if it makes sense.
    photo (1).JPG
  5. i think this is truly a matter or personal opinion and taste... and also matters on the color of the leather itself...

    for example, generally speaking i prefer GHW... but for graphite gator, i truly prefer this in PHW...
  6. carlinha, good to know.

    all, here is a picture on my wrist. do you think this can work with smart casual type of outfits? or should I opt to exchange?

    btw, i realized i am not so sure how to put on and off the cdc:smile:. i think it is
    a) insert the protruding bar into any of the 4 slots
    b) slide the movable bar to lock beside the protruding bar

    appreciate if you can confirm thanks!
  7. If you were looking for PHW to begin with, and exchanging is an option, I would do so.

    I would feel more comfortable with PHW with that particular combination (based on the photo), but we're two different people, so it's hard to base a decision on someone else's personality. :smile: To me the gold feels like it's a bit too much, BUT I do think it suits your skin tone much better than mine. (I will also add that I would like your skin tone to be mine :p)

    In the end, I think either would look beautiful (I've stared at the picture for a while now - and every time I look at it on your wrist, it looks more and more fitting). But if it's not the bracelet of your dreams, I would try to get as close to that as possible. :biggrin:
  8. I think this is all personal preference and taste. There is no "right" or "wrong", "best" or "worst". They are all equally beautiful IMO.
  9. For me.. GHW all the way..!! Im a sucker for GHW be it bags, belts or CDCs.. Except for ombre and himalaya birkin (which i can only dream to have.. Sigh..) i think they look nicer with PHW... ;)
  10. I have a chocolate brown CDC with GHW and a black PWH CDC and I love them both. Chocolate is so lovely with GHW, and I prefer black with palladium. Generally I gravitate towards PHW but I really think chocolate and gold is pretty and more subtle than black with gold.

    Good luck!
  11. i think for chocolate brown, GHW is the way to go, this is a more "warm" CDC...

    but if you want a PHW CDC... consider a different color perhaps? graphite matte gator looks perfect with PHW... and a great "cool" neutral piece -> this may go better with your wardrobe as you describe the colors you wear (except orange which would be better with chocolate brown GHW CDC) :graucho:

  12. I think the chocolate brown and GHW were made for each other. When you get another one, go for a cooler color with PHW, then you'll always have something to go with whatever you are wearing.
  13. Personally I like the chocolate brown with GHW. But my gut feeling is your ideal CDC would be what you wanted originally, black with PHW and sounds like it will fit to your lifestyle better. Perhaps try to source a black PHW CDC first and then you'll see if you still want to exchange it.
  14. personally, i disagree- i think belts can look great in gold and clic clacs great in palladium, and i think what is wonderful is having a mix-- different hardware and colors for different occasions. if it is your only CDC (sorry i don't recall if you have posted others! :shame:smile: i would choose whichever metal makes your heart sing more and suits your wardrobe. also whether you like all your jewelry metals to match.

    otherwise.. i rarely see a color that only looks good with one hardware. while it may lend better to one, say gold, palladium always has a crisp, cool pop against the color.

    i think both CDC's are gorgeous that carlinha posted, but i also believe graphite looks amazing with gold and black looks amazing with palladium... so it is super subjective.

    you have an amazing choco CDC, so congrats! :yahoo: but if you are having doubts... that you may like another HW more... return, otherwise it'll bug you :p
  15. Choclate looks amazing with GHW. I think it depends on your skin tone. Gold looks better on me. One SA at Hermes won't even let me buy anything with PHW! He says GHW GHW GHW for me. :p It's nice to mix it up though