does caviar leather crease(wrinkle) over time and why does it do this???

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  1. Why does the caviar leather crease like it shows in the picture and what can you do get them out ?? It looks awful...My caviar flaps don't do this...

  2. That's weird, I never saw this on a caviar bag before.
    I hope one of the experts can help :smile:.
  3. maybe was storing in humedity area
  4. I hope my bags will never look like this, the leather on the pic seems "bubbling"
  5. It kind of looks like it was stored standing up but without any stuffing so gravity got the best of it.

  6. So, those creases won't smooth out at all with any kind of method? (how about ironing it. ha-ha)Just Kidding!! I don't want to purchase it if it's going to remain like that.

    Does anyone have any methods of correcting this? any suggestions are appreciated from all you tpf experts~
  7. Those creases are not going to come out fully, maybe a little over time but it's not going to look new. Now if you can buy it cheap, that might make it bother you less. You can try calling Chanel and see what they say but even if they say it might be fixable I would be suspicious.
  8. For $1000.00. I don't consider that a great you think?
  9. Not a chance for $1,000, maybe for $500.
  10. Not even $500 for me. :tdown: Maybe $300. The crease is a real deal breaker.
  11. #11 Feb 6, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2010
    I explained to the lady some of the thoughts about the crease and she blasted back to me that when it's stuffed with your belongings it won't crease. This was her reply...
    "No big crease. I put my wallet, sunglass case, make up case and eyeglass case in to see when it is full and I did not see a crease. This is not a smoochy bag. It is Chanels classic tote which has a form. While empty the sides sit a bit more in because of the chains on handles. When full with items it is supported. For a pre-owned bag it truly looks great. Too bad I'm not really a Chanel girl."
  12. I wouldn't buy that bag if I were you. And I'm sorry but if she can't see the crease I think maybe she have to check her eyes...
    $ 1,000 is way too much for that bag and definitely not a bargain.
  13. The seller's response makes me say say run! If she does not find that to be a flaw then what else might be wrong.
  14. Yeah and after I see all the photos again, the creases are definitely visible, going across the bag. No go I say.
  15. I haven't heard a response from her since that last e-mail she sent me questioning about the creasing. And she say's that $1000.00 is a great price for that bag...Lord, thank you ladies for your help with this matter. I didn't think it was supposed to look like that. I never owned a tote before and I thought maybe they slouch over time and ripple-like that. You girls are the best!!!!
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