Does Cartier make clothing?

  1. I was at a thrift shop today (it was really really odd,i never shop at thrif shops the last time i went to one was 6 months ago to get a pair of shoes in order to ruin them with paint for a school project! and the other tim ei had gone was well over 4 years ago) i had a vision to go to a thrif shop and i would find a birkin and a lv keepall (for some old reason) so i kept having thsi vison over and over for the last three days and i htough you know what ill check it out, i went to teh store and found some random crap that i needed around the house and then i decided to have a look at the clothes (saddly no birkins or keepalls lol) but what i did find !!!! was a pair of Cartier jeans , the funny thing was i didnt know that cartier mades clothes only jewlery , but they were the most perfect fit and had only one small stain on the back, my only problem on them was the zipper was broken but it was profetionally replaced! they were marked at $15 (AU) which is abotu $10.50 usa and about 8 euro so i decided to go ahead and buy them, the only problem is i dont know if they are real does cartier make clothes i have never heard of it? so yeah i got them anyway and if they are fake ill return them
  2. bump sorry but i realy want to know
  3. they do sponsor a polo team so there are the la martina cartier polos but i haven´t heard of other clothing so far and i highly doubt it- i mean where should they even sell that? in their boutiques surely not as they don´t have dressing rooms :lol:
  4. ok so i guess its fake damit looked really really authentic
  5. ill post pics tomorow i need to study for school right now!
  6. i don't think they're in jeans trying to be cartier brand. thrift stores have so many odd brands out there...i bet that's all it is. like the name of the style or something. or maybe they're carter jeans?
  7. Hmmm, I recall seeing Cartier jeans ob Ebay about 4-5 years ago when I was looking for Cartier sunglasses. Whether they were fake or authentic, I don't know.
  8. Cartier does make handbags so its possible at some point they might've tried clothing?
  9. No need to be embarresed about thriftstore shopping! When I was visiting my father in Idaho, (yes, Idaho) I went into a couple thrift stores and ended up finding 4 vintage Christian Dior shirts that I absolutely love!
  10. thanks guys they are a great fit and look really authentic (and it's Cartier not carter) i was questiong the auth at teh store cos ive never heard of them doing clothing, i knew about leather goods i sent cartier and email so ill see what happens
  11. hmm I have no clue if they made clothing..if they have a great fit keep them anyway!..use them to do errands..
  12. yeah i mean (im not directly supporting terrosrisim etc.) and there agood fit mybee ill find out if they are real one day! hmmmmm.....
  13. Ohh yes! I was not saying it was okay they were fake I am 200% against fakes!,its just that maybe they are a small label? that isnt actually Cartier?...can you take a picture of the label maybe so we can see them?
  14. ok will do lol
  15. here are some pics i took: its definately real Cartier or an imposter making Cartier
    1.) back belt label
    2.) Inner back label
    3.) information patch on innside of jeans (where back pocket is)
    4.) front button (says cartier twice and has the cc symbol)
    there are also small buttons all over the garment (which i couldnt photograph in detail) which ad cartier written on them twice, and on the inside had the cc symbol
    DSC00727.JPG DSC00730.JPG DSC00723.JPG DSC00737.JPG