does cartier ever go on sale?

  1. just always wanted to know that
    or when can i get a cartier jewelry not at full price
  2. Nope
  3. I'd try eBay, although you'll need to look and make sure you're not buying counterfeit.
  4. No.
  5. Never but you can find some places that discount. Saks does 10% on watches. Prices are going up on all Cartier I think March 1.
  6. no and they go up yearly, actually all high end swiss watches like rolex and cartier increase yearly from what i know.
  7. They do discounts depending on what piece of jewelry you're buying. I don't think they do it on collection pieces, but I know for a fact that they do it on certain engagement rings.
  8. Yes, all the time.

    I am not kidding. If you ask nicely, you can get discount off anything. Asking nicely is the key which is quite difficult in the West (I have done it with my Tonneau watch and Himalia Pearls necklace) but it is easier to do it in the Far East: automatic 10% discount without even asking sometimes.
  9. here in Taiwan if we wanted to buy a swiss-made luxury watch, we could either do it at the brand shop itself, or at a watch store that carries many diff brands. the former always sells at the orig. price, while the latter would sometimes give you up to 30% discount, depending on the style and price of the watch.

    i want a Cartier Pasha, but it looks humongous on my wrist!
  10. i was with my mom at the short hills mall in nj, where there is a cartier store, and my mom was looking at several of the ladies watches, and we asked (nicely ofcourse) if it was possible to get a discount and the saleslady actually said yes. i forgot exactly what happened next, whether she called someone or just quoted us a price, but she said it's only applicable to while we are in the store, if we come back later, it's null and void. so you should always ask for a discount, and perhaps bargain a little.

    you would think this kind of thing doesn't happen at department stores in the US either, but my father was at Saks (or was it the giorgio armani boutique), looking at some very expensive winter shearling coat from armani, and the salesperson actually voluntarily said he'd give us a discount if we decide to buy it today. whether or not this is luck on our part (maybe he had to meet his sales quota or whatever) or need to turn over inventory quicker, but it never hurts to ask.
  11. I've never tried for jewelry, but for sure for watches you get a discount.
  12. I only have experience with the watches, not the jewellery, but I have definitely found that independent jewellery dealers (i.e., NOT Cartier stores themselves) are much more likely to give a decent discount (like up to 30% in my experience). As for sales, I don't think that happens very often, at least in Canada...
  13. Oh, and if you have a membership, Costco is a great place to look for Cartier watches. Fairly limited selection, but quite good deals. Both in stores and online!