Does carrying LV make you a target???

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  1. For x-mas I was going to get my niece an LV bag..... She is in college and in her early 20's and has the normal college lifestyle with social outings (parties/pubs/school stuff/five roomates). Ayhow I was worried that an LV bag could draw more attention to her and make her/her handbag a target for not so good people. If she went to a bar etc. with it perhaps someone who snatches purses could grab it. In the past she had a purse stolen at a bar when someone said they were watching it for her and it was not designer. She had to have all her cards cancelled and had to get new ID so, perhaps I should get her a nice handbag but, not too obvious...what do you think??? If she was older and out of college I would not hesitate with the LV handbag....maybe I am over reacting and being a protective momma bear:smile: !
  2. hmmm...I think your neice would love the LV bag, but maybe somehow you could convince her not to carry it when she is out at bars and such.
  3. I know just what you mean, LVpug, because I go to college too right now, and I am older but of course the kids are all younger and they stare me down with my LV bags!! I HATE it!

    Maybe you could get it for her, but tell her to wear it on special occasions or when she's going somewhere nice, etc.?
  4. Maybe something that is not instantly recognizable as LV would work. The Damier or Epi line would be good!
    Or instead of a bag, how about a cles or wallet?
  5. It'll be a good test for her, to see if she's ready for the primetime. Just give her the tip of not wearing in locations where it could easily get snatched, i.e. wear it go shopping or hanging out with friends in open public places, but not bars / clubs :yes:
  6. What about giving her a LV accessory? Like a vernis wallet?? or an agenda??
  7. Maybe I should wait until she graduates to get her her first I thought what if her roomates get jealous and they tend to borrow each others stuff on occassion without asking which has created conflict in their house. Also she may appreciate it when she is a little older.

    When you are older you think of all these differnt things and how they will impact the person. There have been times when I have felt uncomfortable having someone stare at my LV and have felt a tad threatened. In certain settings I do not take my LV because I do not feel safe walking around with it because it is a recognizable designer/luxury item and I much older than her.

    Okay.....Banana Republic handbag for X-mas and an LV for graduation.
  8. I say go for it. Tell her it's a special gift and just for her. As long as you feel she is capable of taking care of it there is no reason not to get it for her. I'm sure she'll protect it.
  9. We should all be careful watching our LV bags in public places. I've been guilty about leaving my LV bag at my table while dining solo and then going to get a soda refill without taking my LV bag with me. Anyone could have easily grabbed my LV bag and then it would've been a hassle to cancel credit cards plus replacing an LV bag! Luckily, I've never had a bag stolen, but I'm trying to be more careful!!
  10. she could be a target, but chances are, she will be fine...
  11. I was thinking this same thing! I had a leather jacket stolen at a bar in college...totally my fault! I should have left it in the car or watched it closer! If your niece won't take care of it, wait until later. Perhaps a graduation gift??!
  12. I'm in college, and I have a Speedy 30...I just DON'T take it anywhere sketchy (bars, downtown at night). I stick to a no-name clutch and enjoy my LV during the day or at night, say, if I'm going over to my boyfriend's house.
  13. Honestly, with all the fakes these days, I really don't think the sketchy people will know what's real anymore, so it's not an automatic indicator that a person has money they can steal. But I do agree, if you're worried about it, something Epi or Damier would be great.
  14. i got my 1st LV when i was like 18 or 19 and i took it to college with me out to bars and i didnt have any trouble but i didnt let it out of my sight when i took it out with me!
  15. Well... when I was in college, I knew a few girls who would take their LV pochettes or a small accessory (cles, wallet) to the bars... it wasn't a big deal at all, and I don't think they ever felt like a target.

    Personally, I wouldn't take any of my LV bags to the bars... I am more afraid of it getting dirty than someone stealing it. If you are worried, then just get her something that doesn't scream LV like damier, damier azur, or epi. I think the azur pochette is gorgeous, and one is on its way to me right now.

    Also, tell her to never leave her purse behind, even if a friend is supposedly watching it... I would never feel safe if I didn't have my own eyes on my own belongings at all times.