Does Carol Diva authenticate Chanel?

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  1. her website states that she does LV and Hermes, and i'm wondering if she authenticates Chanel as well
  2. I've read somewhere that while she is quite good at authenticating Louis Vuitton, she has made mistakes with Chanel. I suggest either the authentication thread here or Etinceler, an authenticator that focuses on Chanel :smile:
  3. I have not used Carol Diva for Chanel authentications but like *bubs, I've read that she is not too familiar with Chanel and have made wrong judgement on Chanel authenticity.

    My go-to authenticators for Chanel is Etinceler Authentications. Quick, professional, and years of experience with Chanel products
  4. I've also used Etinceler Authentications a number of times. They are very quick and friendly.
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  5. I have 3 Hermes authenticated by Carol and all of them got wrong judgement. I lost 7k because I trusted her authentication, time past so I could not open claim via PayPal. But maybe she is good for other brands but definitely not for Hermes.
  6. Just curious. Who is good for Hermes?

    I've used her as a 2nd option for Prada (most of the time I like 2 authentications so I don't get stuck with a fake) and she seemed to get it right. But I would only use Etinceler or Leather Surgeons for Chanel authentications. BTW - LS is the repair shop that Chanel goes to in the US. They include an authentication for any repair or spa service for your bag.
  7. I used bababebi and ***************** services, both gave right authentication so far.
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