Does Carly stay on the shoulder well?

  1. My DH bought me the large black Carly for Christmas. Does it stay on the shoulder well?
    I'm also debating on exchanging it for another color.
    I have 2 black bags I use for the winter now. My obsession only started last Christmas. :smile:

    I had a Legacy last year with a short strap that always slipped down. Loved the bag though!
  2. i have a medium black sig. stays on the shoulder v well i find
  3. I have a medium khaki/gold one and I don't have a problem with it slipping off my shoulder. I love the Carly! I get tons of compliments on mine.
    Lucky you for getting a Coach bag from DH on Christmas!
    I was in Dillards right before Christmas and heard this man ask a SA for the best-selling black bag they had and I glanced over to see what she'd show him and she took him to the black Carly. Showed him the medium and large. Not sure which one he ended up buying but he bought one! Maybe that was your y'all live in Austin, TX?;)
  4. My medium Carly slips a bit if I wear her over a coat and not so much if I don't have a coat on. I don't care though as I love the bag (except I wish it were a little bigger) otherwise.
  5. I find that my medium carly slips more if I am wearing long sleeve. She is great when I am wearing short or sleeveless clothes. (I live in FL though so I can do that alot) They are heavy bags and should stay for the most part.
  6. I have a medium carly and it stays just fine. Love it!
  7. I have a large Carly...I don't have an "issue" with it staying on my shoulder, but I do find that after a long day (depending on how heavy it is) it does start to slip...but part of that has to do with my winter coat.
  8. Yeah I agree that the coat is going to make it worse but all in all, the Carly doesn't slide much for me. =)
  9. funny, i have been wearing my down parka or my wool coat and big sweaters (it has been about -10 celcius here) and i havent had more slippage thne u expect w any bag.i mean everything slides aroudn a bit
  10. My large chocolate Carly does not slip on me, even w/ my heavy winter coat!
  11. I (FINALLY) got my medium chocolate Carly for Christmas and have been using her straight for the past couple of days. The only time it slipped was when I had on my puffer coat on (because the material is a bit silky), but other than that it stays on fine. TONS of compliments, too. In my opinion, Carly is the best bag!
  12. I have 2 and neither stays on my shoulder well, and another friend of mine here on the forum Tejasmama says hers slip off as well. Maybe because we are small-framed?
  13. ^^ I'm not small framed myself but mine slips. I had a medium camel and had to sell it because it slipped so much that my shoulder got sore from wearing it. DH got me the khaki/beet in medium and I wore it around the house to test it out. It slipped too. I love this bag so much that I am exchanging it for the large in hopes that the weight distribution will be different and it will sit on my shoulder better. I'm keeping it regardless since it's from my dh and I love the beet!
  14. I have the medium khaki/ebony and :love: it. It does not slip and stays on well. If you already have 2 black bags, maybe get the chocolate, or a khaki with another color trim? Carly is a great bag, enjoy her! :yahoo:
  15. when I first tried this purse out it too slipped on me which is why I never got it but I LOVE IT so I gave it another try. I figured out how to carry it so it doesn't have to carry it so the clip lock or dog leash clip thingie is in the front of you and then you sorta have to push the bag behind you so there's more strap in front than in back and the main part of the purse is in back..............MAKE SENSE?? Then it doesn't slip.