Does Canada have sales??

  1. Chanel lover in Canada
    Do you know if there is a Chanel sales??
    If so, please tell me when!!
  2. I asked an SA about this recently... apparently the Chanel on Bloor has 2 sales per year, one on boxing day and again for the first 2 weeks in june.

    According to other tpf members, the sales are not great, however.
  3. gotta save money for june!!!
  4. i asked my SA at Holt's in Toronto and he said there will be a sale on the S/S 2006 and F/W 2007 items.

    i believe he said it will be 25% to 50% off...but they don't have any confirmed information yet.
  5. Do you know if this applies to accessories too?
  6. Yah they have two sales/year I think? Its the runway/seasonal stuff. Never the classics. And usually the best things are put away for VICs ...there is never really anything that is great left over. I do see some RTW on sale.

    Nothing as amazing as the cambon line that went on sale for amazing prices in the US last year.
  7. what do u guys think...whats kinda of bag and accessories will go on sale??
  8. Ummm. I might totally regret asking: does anyone want to meet up at the boutique in June?? :devil:
  9. whisterchic~~I wish I can meet up with u at the boutique!! But in June I'm going to somewhere else and there wouldnt be a Chanel boutique you do go the boutqiue in June ...pls...pls...tell me whats on sale..and pix will be appreciated!!!...
  10. that'd be cool, i'd loove to meet some new friends. who do you work w/ at the boutique? i work w/ emiko, she's pretty good, very patient
  11. Yay! The one experience I had there I dealt with... OMG - I am drawing a blank on her name?? CAROL! That's it. She was great.
  12. The SAs really have no idea what is going to be put on sale. They get some kind of confirmation from the head-office, a few days before, as to what is being put on sale. It's never the best stuff... it's usually seasonal and not always everything that is seasonal will be marked down. Two years ago, I was waiting for a ridiculously expensive, wool winter hat that was shown on the runway (meaning it was not a classic) to get marked down and it never did! They put it out again, the next Fall at full price. Also, much is pre-sold to big spending customers. But it's always worth taking a look. You may find something.