Does Cabaz mezzo have a vachetta underneath?

  1. Hi, am so interested in buying Cabaz mezzo since it is big, classic and not so pretty so is practical for work.

    But...does it hava vachetta underneath?:rolleyes:

    How about a gucci shoulder bag made of canvas? which is better Gucci or lv cabaz?

    Thanks guys
  2. The Cabas Mezzo does have vachetta on the bottom of the bag.

    Also... you're asking if a Gucci bag or a LV Cabas Mezzo is better in an LV Forum... so of course all votes are going towards the Cabas Mezzo!
  3. :yes: :yes:
  4. [​IMG]
  5. Is that your Mezzo John? The bottom is VERY taken care of from what I can see! Beautiful patina! I wish I didn't get a gum stain on the bottom of mines!:crybaby:
  6. Nahh... I don't carry purses!! :lol:

    That's authentic_lvlady's on eBay...
  7. ^^^ I hope you don't! LOL
  8. Yup, it does. Beautiful bag but I cry at the thought of the bottom of it.
  9. LOL, mah badd!:shame:
  10. Well as you have seen, that might be an understatement, if there ever was one....but it is a classic.
  11. Thanks guys. I really like that bag- CABAZ MEZZO. But the Vachetta worries me, think..think...
  12. Go for the BH then ... or buy used.