Does Burlington Coat Factory sell bags?

  1. I tried a search here and didn't come up with much as far as what level of bags come through and whether or not they make sure to sell authentic bags.
  2. The only bags I ever saw at Burlington were Kathy Van Zeeland, Guess, Baby Phat, etc. They were real, but $25 bags aren't as highly faked...
  3. I agree with ClaireZk...the bags at Burlington are primarily Guess, Kathy Van Zeeland and Baby Phat. I've see a TON of guess bags at burlington before
  4. ^^ save yourself some precious time and don't click on the link ;)
  5. add to the list: XoXo, Mondani, Rosetti. I think they all use synthetic leather. Nice designs.
  6. They sell authentic bags in the lower level range. Most of the bags I've seen there are under $150.
  7. Yes they do sell bags, I've seen the same brands that the girls have mentioned. They're not that expensive. You can try TJMaxx if you want to get a good deal on some bags.
  8. Thanks ladies :tup:
  9. Yes, I have gotten several from there that I like very much, like Marshall's, they are a bit on the pricey side, you should be prepared to pay over $10, and usually closer to $15.

    Two that I bought there for $12.99, I learned looking from looking at pictures here were actually Inspired by a popular expensive brand, the label in those says Dolce Vita I think. They also have some that cost hundreds of dollars, for people who enjoy paying more, I have no idea what brands.

    It is pretty much like the clothes, if you look around, you can find all kinds of things that have famous and expensive brand names, some are reduced to $150, some are reduced to $15, and you should never go there looking for a specific thing, like a gray sweater, but with the attitude of seeing what they have at that particular store on that particular day.

    Your best chance at getting a specific brand name is to make friends with the staff to find out what days of the week which items are delivered, and how long it will take to get it tagged and ready to buy.

    Your best chance at finding something marked down very low is to check the clearance racks.
  10. i've seen luella and other designer bags at the one in nyc near my work...
  11. The BCFs here only sell vinyl type cheapo bags.....
  12. The best brand I've seen are Maxx New York and Nine West. A lot of their bags are awful synthetic leather material. I wouldn't waste my time in their unless you are looking for something cheap and trendy.