Does Britney need parenting lessons...

  1. it wasn't the rapping that did the little kid in. Sean had taken a tumble out of his high chair, and had suffered a skull fracture. Let me get this straight, a week after the tyke fell from his high chair his parents took him to the hospital. Let's get the parents enrolled in Parenting 101. If the baby falls on his head, you might want to take him to the hospital.
    On April 7, when Britney Spears and Kevin Federline realized that their baby, Sean Preston, had been sleeping more than usual, panic bells went off. Just six days earlier, the 7-month-old had taken a major fall from his high chair, a tumble that had his parents worried that he might have been critically injured. They had every right to fret. After rushing Sean to a nearby hospital, they discovered he had a minor skull fracture (sometimes called a "scalp fracture" in babies), and a blood clot. And the doctors weren't the only ones to take notice! The next day, the Department of Children and Family Services began looking into the incident.
    The Spears-Federline clan escaped disaster, but not their obligation to explain themselves to the authorities. On April 8, L.A. sheriff's deputies arrived at Britney's Malibu home to investigate a child-abuse claim against Britney and Kevin in relation to the head injury. Such an investigation isn't unusual. According to California law, whenever a baby is brought into the hospital with a serious injury, the Department of Children and Family Services is alerted.
  2. I heard about it on the radio this morning. I really do hope the baby is okay.
  3. i hope they send the baby to live with Shar Jackson. all of her kids seem to have made it out of infancy unharmed.

    britney is seriously a train wreck. she sucks at life.
  4. :lol: ! My sentiments exactly. I hope sean preston writes a tell-all when he's 18.
  5. That's so sad! How does she not have the ability to posess common sense?
  6. LOL!

    I really think Brit wasn't responsible enough to birth a child, but she did unfortunately. . . .

    The nanny COULD NOT have been sitting there watching this young child, they don't just fall out of a high chair, they have to climb almost out of it first.
    I know this because when my twins were about 13 mos old, one started trying to climb out, I was about 8 ft away, but around the other side of the kitchen bar adn I threw everything down and caught him before he could get both legs out of the chair. I learned that day that I HAD to lock the little guys in the chair!
    Kids fall out of high chairs every day even w/ good parents, but that Nanny WAS NOT doing her job, she shuld have locked that baby in and sat there w/ him. And NOT to have gotten his head scanned after a fall like that!?!?! Well, that's just neglectful!
  7. :lol: :lol: That would be interesting!
  8. Britney Spears’s six-month-old son, Sean Preston, fell and hit his head on Saturday, April 1, at the Malibu home the pop star shares with husband Kevin Federline, a source close to Spears tells PEOPLE.

    While the baby’s nanny was lifting him from his high chair, something snapped in the chair and Sean Preston slipped from her arms and fell to the floor, bruising his head.

    A doctor came to the house that day and examined the child; he seemed fine.

    Thats the report from People, which is slightly more reliable. Of course things got blown out of proportion, and of course I don't think this wasn't serious, but it was NOT as bad as every made it out to be. They did have a doctor come see him, and he did not fracture his skull.
  9. interesting . . . the story I heard on the news radio this morning was he fell out of his chair.
    If something on a highchair broke, they'll be hell to pay by the chair's manufacturer.
    The gov't doesn't mess around when it comes to child safety.
  10. wow! Interesting. Which one to believe though?
  11. that makes more sense becuase at 6 months old i doubt he would have been able to climb out anyway.
    I mean looking at whats been said i dont think its that fair to criticize brit becuase 1. it was the nanny looking after him (even though it maybe should have been her) and 2. A doctor did apparently come out and give the baby the all clear *which puzzled me becuase anybody would realise a smack on the head especially to a young child would need treating*

    but i do agree, i dont believe she seems responsible enough for a child.
  12. I heard about this this morning. I'm no Mr./Mrs. Federline fan but I do think they are being unfairly scrutinized. Think about all the accidents that happen to almost every child. Almost every friend I know has a scar from their infant/toddler days where they fell out of bed (I know so many kids including my niece who did this when she was barely a year) or my favorite story from a friend of mine, crawled right into a radiator (the kind that heat houses)! Accidents happen and unless this becomes on ongoing thing, I think people should give them a break.

    I do wonder why they waited a week to take him to the doctor. Just young, inexperienced parents maybe?
  13. Agreed :lol:
  14. I thought about the age thing too, but all babies are SOO different. My best friend was walking at 7 mos old . . . so a baby that's 6 months old could possibly be successful at wrigling himself out of a high chair I imagine. I even thought maybe the tray wasn't on properly and he fell forward out if it{?}
    my kids on the other hand can't even sit up until they're 8+ months!
  15. Listen, if the kid can drive at six months, he sure can clime his way out of the high chair, don't you think?