Does Bottega Veneta bags fringe?

  1. I have tried the classic woven bag several times and although I find it nice the delicate leather concerns me. This will be a everyday bag for me and I will not be able to treat it like a baby. So my question to all of you Bottega Veneta owners, does the leather fringe after a while? Are you happy with the quality in general? I'm just concerned that a Chanel bag will be more classic and hold it's shape better for several years:confused1:

    It's a late christmas present and I will either choose a Chanel 2.55 (black classic flap, caviar) or a classic chocolate woven hobo. And I need to make a decision very soon.

    Thanks in advance:flowers:
  2. What a difficult choice.. i love both Chanel and BV.. both are superb when it comes to quality.. therefore, quality is not the issue.. however, if u want a casual bag for everyday i say go with BV.. and if u want a more formal classic look then Chanel!!

    Cant u buy one as a late christmas present and one for new year?? lol
  3. My BV's have held up very well-no problem with the woven styles. I don't know what you mean by "fringe", tho--please describe what that problem would be. Nice choice--you can't go wrong with either Chanel or BV!
  4. My woven BVs never "fringe"... do you mean fray a little at the ends? They don't do that either and I carry mine around as work bags. They are not as delicate as they look!

    BV really perfected the woven thing and they are incredibly strong and durable. I love the softness of the leather and they "slouch" better than any of my other bags.
  5. I'm generally quite easy on things, but I didn't baby my BV and it's held up very well, too. :yes:

    I even rescued a cat that had been run over (by somebody else) and it (understandably, poor thing) clawed the edge of the bag.

    But I rubbed the (extrememely soft) leather, gently, with my thumb and it almost seemed to 'heal' and the small puncture holes became completely invisible!

    The cat survived, too! :biggrin:
  6. Thank you Jayne that was actually one of my main concerns:yes: I'm happy to hear that these woven bags are not as delicate as they look like. I will have to make a decision tomorrow but I'm leaning towards a classic caviar flap in black...

    Chloehandbags: What a cute story! Glad that you rescued the kitty. I have seen so many stray dogs and cats since we moved abroad. It brakes my heart everytime as I'm a big animal lover.

  7. Me too. :yes:

    Thankfully, there aren't too many strays in most parts of the UK, but in some countries in Europe, they're everywhere. :sad:

    Sorry for the downer, BTW! :shame: