Does Botox hurt? Do peels do similar?

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  1. #1 Sep 21, 2010
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    I'm in my mid 20's and botox is on my mind. In the last 10 months I've noticed crows feet and wrinkles around my nose.
    For a while I wanted to try botox but I am so afraid of needles and I imagine a horrible bee sting feeling! I want to hear about what it's like from people that have had it done... Anyone else really afraid of needles but still did it? I'm having a hard time watching it on this show I'm watching! They weren't freaking out in pain though.
    Aren't there other options? Do chemical peels do much for wrinkles? I've had a few peels in my teens for bad acne but know nothing of it's effect on wrinkles. I remember I had one called a "blue peel" on my back. I saw pictures of a Romans face before and after and she looked totally different! I remember that stung really bad. I was told if you get that one on your face you'll news medicine for it before it's applied since it hurts bad. Am I remembering that right?

    I really want to do something... Nip wrinkles in the bud as best I can.
  2. IMO 20s is too young for botox but that is only my opinion. It doesn't hurt. I only did it once a few months ago when I turned 35 (actually it was Dysport, the "new" botox alternative). I hate needles so I didn't look at it at all. It stung a little bit but the needle is so small that it doesn't hurt much at all. She injected a few times in different locations on the muscles and it was over. I had a very slight headache for an hour or so but that was it.

    I don't know about chemical peels but I would start with alpha hydroxy acid products or retin A before you mess with Botox. Alpha Hydrox makes a wonderful lotion that really helps the skin get rid of dead cells and reveal newer, younger looking skin and it is a drugstore product (you can find it at Ulta) so it won't break the bank.

    A low percentage of Retin A or the generic trentinoin is also good for exfoliating the dead skin and getting rid of fine lines in the process.
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  3. Crow's feet in your mid 20's? Are you sure those aren't just smile lines? Are they there all the time? If they are only there when you smile and then go away when you stop making expressions they are not crow's feet.

    I get Botox for my migraines but it goes in all the same places (and more) that they would use to treat crow's feet and the dreaded 11 between the brows, etc. It doesn't hurt that much. I don't have crow's feet or the 11 but I do like how it eliminates any expression lines on my forehead.

    I think Botox in mid-20's is unnecessary.
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    As are most things we purchase or use that are not for health purposes.
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  5. My dear, would you elaborate on the "dreaded 11"? What are those? I am clueless and considering something for that frown line between my brows. Mind you, I am in my early 40's.

    TIA!! :smile:
  6. Yeah these little crows feet are certainly there, they are not obvious but I can see them perfectly up to a mirror with my face relaxed. I want to take care of them now and get rid of them especially as they popped up just this past year.
    Curious about non needle options though as well.
  7. For some it's 11, others it's 111, or 1111 ;)
  8. The "11" are the vertical lines between your eyebrows that people get from furrowing their brows.
  9. Yes, but there are different degrees of "unnecessary." Going into a drug store and buying a tube of mascara is completely different than having chemicals injected into your face.
    I'm all for plastic surgery, but I do not believe in botox for "prevention" of wrinkles. I have a good friend who started botox when she was younger and she is already looking like one of those creepy, you've-obviously-had-work-done people. Sure, her face may not be as wrinkled, but it's very fake and plastic-looking. I'll take my wrinkles over her face any day, but I guess it's just a matter of personal opinion.
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  10. It is not painful. It's so easy and quick!
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  11. I think even in early 20s, those who have big facial expression can get the wrinkles like me on my forehead. I move my eyebrows a lot whenever I talk :sad:
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  12. The OP wasn't asking unsolicited opinions on if anyone thinks she should have Botox done or if you think she is too young; she asked does it hurt.
    No, it hurts for a few seconds while injected. No residual pain afterwards. My doctor advises no working out or lying down for 4 hours afterwards.
  13. hi i'm new here but i'd like to add to the discussion. Any injector will tell you that the recommendation for starting botox these days is in your late 20s.
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  14. (it doesnt hurt)
  15. Late 20s??? FFS. That's ridiculous.