Does body size and purse size really matter?


Jan 17, 2006
Since I've become a member of Purse Blog, I've noticed alot of discussions about body size (height in particular) and purse size, not directly but always being mentioned one way or another. It just never dawned on me, (I'm 5'2" but usually 5'4'-5'5" with heels) to think about the purse being too big. When I love a handbag (love, love, love big handbags) I just go for it, never mind it looks too big on me. So, my question is should I really be worried about my size/height?...and give up a purse that I just love, because it's too big for me?:sad2:
I guess it's a personal style decision. It's what floats your boat. Some people like huge bags; some like small. Personally, I have all sizes, but trend toward larger. shouldn't worry. if you see a bag, try it on and love it, then you know it's right for you.

me looks weird seeing a short skinny girl with a HUGE hobo or bag or the bag is bigger than her...on the other hand, a tall, plus-sized woman would look weird with a pochette under her arm.
It depends on you. Im tall and I walk around with my pouchette,and it dosnt look wierd at all...for plus size people yes. It just depends your wieght. if you are a bit bigger in wieght you should get a bigger bag. When I see short fat people walk around with tiny bags it looks wierd
It is a matter of personal preference; when I got my Silverado I thought it was huge and almost regretted the purchase; then I got the Twiggy and thought the same thing. But, when I got the box I thought, Oh no, this is too small.

Besides being neurotic I have now developed a fondness for, shall we say, Mid-Size purses.
IMHO I think that the shape of the bag makes more of a difference. Like if you were very short & wide you wouldn't want to carry a big slouchy round bag, it would accent the fact that your round too (make you look fatter) If you are very tall and thin a tall skinny bag would accent that and make it more noticable. If you are very small on top and very big on bottom like a pear, you wouldn't want a bag of a simular shape to accent your figure flaws.
I'm 5"2" and I definitely have to be careful about bag size. I really love the new Coach vintage carryall, but when I tried it in the store it just didn't look right. Even the salesgirl thought it was too big for me. A lot of the big bags that I love I have to resist buying b/c I look silly.
I agree with some of you, in addition to personal preference, it also depends on the shape of the purse. Some big bags doesn't disporportion you but do the contrary. It also depends on how you carry it, I've seen small people (I am small too 5'1'') carrying their bags to their knees, I mean they have the strip at the longest, they hang from their shoulders all the way to their kneeds, that doesn't help I think.
I'm 5'3'' and I always think a bag is too small until I see it on me and it looks fine.

And I think when some bags are too big (especially structured ones) I look like I'm carrying around a piece of luggage versus a purse.
I think it's important to buy what you love. BUT you should also consider proportions, especially if the bag comes in different sizes. I'm 5'4" but not a skinny chick. So while a Speedy 25 looks cute on my friend who's 5'6" and a size 2, it looks a little off on me. The 30 looks a little big, but works much better for my frame.

I think you can go a bigger, but if you go small and unless you're tiny, it can look odd....
I love big bags but definitely seeing the bag on you is different than just loving the bag cause there might be a great bag that you love but looks way weird on you cause of the shape or sise or whatever else.
i think a big bag on a small girl ok but a small bag on a big girl is most certainly NOT. i should know, i'm 5'6" and a size 16, you will never see me with a pouchette under my arm - it would only make me look wide and huge, and that's not what i'm going for, lol. the comparison of the bag to me would not be good. it's all about proportion, so i stay with medium or large bags.

i've seen girls a lot bigger than me with tiny LV or coach pouchettes underneath their arms, and it's just ugly. as with everything else, just buy what fits, y'all!