Does bluefly sell authentic paddingtons?

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Nov 24, 2006
Sorry if this thread already exists. I've read some complaints about Bluefly's service and some people have claimed they received "knock offs", is this true. I need some confirmation before i buy a paddington from there.
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Jan 11, 2007
Yes, we went all through this...I have bought a few Chloe paddys and wallets on Bluefly and never got a fake. That said, some people did get fakes early on in Bluefly's history of carrying Chloes. I think they solved that problem by putting tags on their merchandise that you could not take off unless you were keeping the bag. Without the tag they will NOT take it back as a return, since I believe what was happening is that people were ordering bags and returning fakes, which got into their system. It should be okay now...just make sure that you do not take the security tag off unless you plan on keeping it. Someone did say that their price markups were higher than retail, so the discount was really NOT as high as it seemed, but I have not checked this out myself. I think that has better prices sometimes, but there are NO returns with, unless the bag is defective. I have never gotten anything but perfection from :rolleyes:


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Apr 9, 2006
I received a fake paddy from them but also plenty of authentic bags. I do trust them now, but you also need to know what a reall paddy looks and feels like. This way when you get your from bluefly you should be able to tell if its fake or not. You could also try posting it on the authenticate this Chloe thread to verify!
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