Does Bluefly Buy From Lvr?

  1. I was looking at the luella handbags at bluefly and I remembered that I saw some of them a few days ago on 70% sale at luisaviaroma for 1/3 of the price(including the 20%off) price at bluefly.

    What do you think, do they buy form luisaviaroma?:wacko:
  2. Irrlevant.
    Bluefly are an american company where as LVR is Italian.

    The shipping and taxes would not make it worth it.


  4. Nooo nooo. You misunderstood me.

    Ofcourse it's soo much cheaper to buy from LVR for us. Its worth it for us.
    Im saying bluefly wont buy only one item, they will buy in bulk. therefore the shipping fees and the taxes will be huge.
    Its just that LVR is on sale (as everything in Italy goes on sale before everywhere else as they get it fast aswell) and bluefly alwasy puts the prices up a bit and that item might not be on sale.
  5. I love LVR and would go back again, and again...:biggrin:
    I guess what Cyprus means is that with the difference in prices between the two companies, Bluefly could buy off LVR and still make a profit? Not gonna happen...but, ya know.;)
    Still, i'm pleased that LVR is out great for me personally :P

    Just one problem though, i still can't add anything to my cart at, typical!
  6. Indeed chicky that is what I' ve tried to say. Anyways, English is not my mother language and sometimes I just quickly translate what I think in Greek.

    I love LVR as well! Have you tried contacting them about with your problem?
  7. I have contacted them, they just replied saying i need to add the item to my
    Easier said than done when the basket option doesn't work!:lol:
  8. LVR could've sold a box of goodies to Bluefly, sure. They get their merchandise from lots of stores that can't move their stock.
    Same way TJMaxx, Ross. . . . all get theirs - stuff sits on a sale rack for XX amount of time, then gets sold to a liquidator.

  9. Sorry for the delay I only have internet access at work:shame: . Have you tried using another computer to make an order? Or maybe you have popups blocked form that site?Its really strange because a lot of people use the site and I am sure they want your money:lol: !!
  10. lol - no problem:lol:
    I haven't got another computer i could use...well, unless i use my mums, but then i wouldn't want her to see what i'm buying!:nuts:
    It is odd, and oh so frustrating...:wacko:
  11. Sounds feasible.;) :biggrin:
  12. Unless she is watching you the time you order she cannot tell because when you make an order you fill in your details including your personal e-mail and they contact you through that. You pay through estella an italian bank and they confirm it by e-mail as well. After you complete the transaction there is nowhere on LVR site to show whether you hav bought something from them. You track your order through FEDEX website. The only thing is that everytime you buy something the computer will recognise it is you as they have saved all your information besides credit cards and previous buys.

    Hope its helpful:nuts:
  13. what is LVR?