does bloomingdales carry gucci or dior?

  1. Does any know if bloomingdales carry gucci or dior? thanx
  2. San Francisco Bloomies have a Dior boutique - not sure about Gucci though
  3. NO, I don't think they do. :cursing:

    :tup: I've seen Fendi, Fiore, D&G, MJ, Versace, but never Dior or Gucci.

    :heart: One of my best friends works at the Beverly Hills store. I asked her after seeing this thread... She said ...They carry some of the higher end designer handbags, but not all of them and each store is different.

    :confused1: Your best bet is to search Google for DESIGNER HANDBAGS. Then, find the site/store with the best prices. I'm a Total BargainHunter so that's what I do. There are good deals online.

    I have a favorite site online where I buy all my authentic bags at low prices.

    :wlae:Here's the Google search link -- when you locate a site online, send an email to them and ask for special offers, coupons & to guarantee their bags are authentic before buying. GET IT IN WRITING.

    There's a lot of sites out there selling fakes. You need to make sure the site/people you are buying from online are legit.

    p.s. This advanced editor is a lot of fun! :tup: Have fun shopping!
  4. Sorry please ignore I was thinking of Fendi