Does Bleu Roi Caviar Or Lambskin Flap in M/L Size Exist?

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I have been drooling :love: over everyone's bleu roi bags and was wondering if the bleu roi color was made in caviar leather or lambskin in the med/large size flap (one size under the jumbo). I believe Saks only bought the jumbo and the mini. I have seen jumbos on here but no m/l size flap. Does the m/l size flap exist in either caviar or lambskin and if so, what stores have it?

    TIA! ;)
  2. Hi! I initially wanted the medium caviar flap (my dream for years! :girlsigh:), but apparently, only Paris ordered it. Anyway, I haven't seen any on the forum, but that's what I heard from a pfer who was investigating sometime back for me. :smile: They refused to ship overseas until after Nov. 15th, by which point what few flaps they had would have been sold out. :sad: I got the Jumbo caviar from NM instead and adore it. :love: As for the lamb medium, I know BG ordered it... not sure if it's still around, but you can call and find out. :flowers:
  3. Yes, it does exist in lambskin, here's a pic, i got it from BG in NYC. i'm not sure which stores/boutiques still has it though...

  4. Yup it definitely exists in M/L lambskin, I've got one! I don't know about a M/L caviar though, that''s like a urban bag myth ;)
  5. Oh yes it does, and trust me in Europe :crybaby: no way you'll find it at this moment! I try to call stores in Italy and France but no luck! My SA from Milano store sad that if she ever get one in her hands, will be mine! But... nothing yet!
  6. I love the lambskin version of this color! Its soo bright and gorgeous!
  7. yes, it exists. I got mine from BG!GL!
  8. Thanks everyone! :flowers:
    I am going to ring BG and see if they have any left.
    What is the current price for the lambskin m/l and the jumbo anyhow? :shrugs:
  9. i had the same problem locating the med but i settled for the jumbo cuz it was the last one at saks! that was last month.
  10. so perfect in the medium!!!
  11. BG is sold out in the bleu roi classic flaps. They do have the fabric perforated flap medium size in bleu roi in case anyone is interested.

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  12. Yes in caviar! I saw it on eBay about two weeks ago when I was agonizing over what kind of flap to get. I think it was quickly snatched up though, even at a price of $3000. Good luck in finding one!