Does Black Tie Still Mean Floor Length Dresses ?

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  1. How about Knee length ?
    or a Suit ?

    Personally, I still like the idea of tradional floor length gowns. But Im always open to new creations.

    Whats your opinon ?
  2. I think it depends on the suit, I wouldn't really want to wear knee length, but I'm sure that could be pulled off too :biggrin:
  3. I actually think knee-length would be okay, depending on the actual dress.
  4. i think formal black tie still means gowns, but nowadays, knee-length should be fine.
  5. Floor length, definitely. Although I think a very luxurious pants outfit might be fine depending on the occasion.

    I'm so old school that when it says "informal" I still think that means suits and ties, because "casual" is an entirely different term.
  6. When I hear black tie, I think ball gowns and men in tuxedos. Is that still the case nowadays?
  7. Mid calf length, and right below the knee!!!!!

    I am short, so long gowns make me look like Cinderella playing dress up!

    Every Black Tie event I got to I get a black strapless dress that flows out, to the Kneee/calves...It looks cute on me!

    Here's styles I have worn-

    Attached Files:

  8. I think Black tie can be knee length, but white tie is gown. My parents always went to social events that had dress code so my mom made us learn all about it growing up. Just because you have to wear a dress to a formal event, doesn't mean you can't make a statement! I've worn a red gown before. Definetly only red gown in the room but gorgeous!
  9. i think knee length for a formal event is actually quite chic as long as you go with luxurious, glamorous fabrics and details.
  10. I would go to the event with a floor length but I definitely can see people with knee length.
  11. I love all of the dresses you showed, especially the yellow one, its gorgeous you must of looked stunning !!!
  12. I go to a black tie event each summer, I only see a few women in floor length gowns...
  13. I've been to a few black tie events, and have always worn floor length, but I'm kinda tall so it looks good. I think it depends who's throwing the event and why. I've been to some that knee length was ok... Usually, though, more refined people tend to wear floor length at least here.
  14. Not at all, just look at that amazing dress that Charlize Theron wore to the Golden Globes, It was shorter but very formal, gorgeous!