Does black REALLY go with everything?

  1. Hello all!

    So, I was wondering if all of you think that black goes with everything? I'm one of those "crazy" people that needs to be color-coordinated, although I am trying to get over being so neurotic. I feel that I can't use a black bag unless I am wearing black. I used to be very particular about wearing gold or silver jewelry depending on the hardware on the bag, but I've gotten over it. I can't seem to get over not using a bag because I'm not wearing color that matches it. Am I totally weird :blink: ?

    Does anyone else feel the same way?
  2. no, im a color chic, and i don't think your bag color has to match with the outfit... May be as long as it's not too off...
  3. I don't think black goes with everything. Ever since I was a little girl I couldn't wear navy blue with black or brown with black. I've gotten away from that just a touch, but generally I avoid mixing black with blue (unless it's turquoise) or brown.

    On the other hand, I don't coordinate my bags with my outfits so I generally clash. LOL When I have a new purse I use it for months and months and months and then get tired of it and switch to a new (or old) one.

    One of my pet peves ... men who wear black shoes and a brown belt or a black belt and brown shoes. *shudder*
  4. In general, yes you can. I love wearing a bright color and putting a black bag with it. The rest of my black bags I use for work no matter what color I'm wearing. If I am wearing all black I tend not to wear a black bag. I need something to make the outfit pop!
  5. Pairing navy or brown with black is a very European thing. I think it can look exceptionally chic when done right!
  6. I personally think black goes with anything and everything. I'm just a black color wearing person. On a hot summer day I'll go lighter colors but usually u'll see me in something black. My shoes always black.
  7. No, you're not weird. :yes: I'm totally the same way. :biggrin:I will change purses in a minute if the hardware clashes with my jewelry. I think its tacky, but this is solely my opinion.
  8. I practically live in black so I do think it goes with everything and keeps me 'anchored.' ...except maybe black with navy. [In the 80s I used to wear black with cobalt blue until a roommate told me I looked like a bruise, ouch - LOL]

    I like mixing black with chocolate brown...I agree with IntlSet that it looks very chic but you have to choose carefully!
  9. yes black goes with everything! even navy and brown. for right now anyway. =)
    It doesn't really matter if your purse matches your outfit. I think it's a little silly to have a purple purse matching with a purple shirt and purple shoes.
  10. I'm a color chic myself, but I don't think your black bag HAS to match what your wearing color wise. As long as it fits with the outfit. The new trend is lots of colors. It's okay to mix and match a little as long as it doesn't look too weird.
  11. I too am trying not to be so neurotic about matching my bags with my outfit. I do feel that black, brown, white, and grey are neutral colors. However, if I'm wearing black shoes I would never carry a brown bag. If I'm wearing brown shoes I'd never carry a black bag. Maybe I'm nuts. I've bought a lot of colored bags and I've been using them a little more loosely. The other day I wore a black and white outfit and carried a red bag. I have to try to be more relaxed with the neutrals.
  12. I don't even own a black bag:shame: I'm a color gal. The most neutral bags I own are my LV mono & damier speedys.
  13. 99% of my bags is black and i do wear them with everything.

    me too.

    i rather stay home than go out with bag/shoes hardware clashing with my jewelry.
  14. No, but most everything!
  15. a mans belt and shoes should match, along with his socks should match his pants.