Does black patent classic jumbo flap scratch?

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  1. Hi, I'm interested in the Jumbo Flap in Black Patent Leather. It's about $3125. I'm concerned that is will scratch. Has anyone had any experience with Chanel Patent leather.

    Thanks Fran
  2. Patent is so gorgy and low maintenance! Are you thinking about the new squishy patent? Even more less maintenance than traditional (smooth) patent!
    I love that bag and don't think you can go wrong! Go for it!
  3. I love patent leather. Black patent is relatively low maintenance and does not scratch easily. It's the light color patent that you should worry about due to color transfer and color migration.
  4. No I want the shiny large patent flap. I don't like flappy or the distressed look. However, a SA at Chanel in Saks a few years back told me not to get the patent because some people complained it scratched. There's different patents, so I'm wondering if they improved it. Versace has the best patent. And I would Dior next. Just wondering if anyone had the bag for awhile and how it wore.
  5. If you're talking about the prefall goatskin patent with matte pewter hardware in black, then it's not prone to scratches or fingerprints. I have it in the bordeaux color and I've used it already for a couple of times (even during rainy days) and it still holds up very well. I think because it is textured (not smooth patent), it makes the bag more durable. I love it!! :heart:
  6. Miacillan,
    sorry to barge in but i was wondering how u can tell if you brought the new patent with matte pewter hardware...:sweatdrop: sorry i am really new to the chanel forum:shame: i just got one and wanted to be sure so i could start using her with out being afraid that i will ruin her by getting scratches.:shame:
  7. Thanks to all. I guess caviar is the best leather. At over $3000 it's just too risky to buy a patent by chanel. Versace has the most durable patent with the greek key. The white doesn't even cause color transfer. So I'll stick to something more durable.
  8. I have a black patent jumbo from 2007A. It's very low maintainance for me. I have to observe at very close to see little smudge only from handling. But then again, I just rub it off easily. I also have a white patent reissue from 2006 & no problems so far.
  9. Chanel patent is great, I only have the distressed patent flaps which are very low maintenance and don't show fingerprints easily, I think the normal smooth patent would show smudges and scratches easily.
  10. I have 4 different patent Chanel bags, in black and red and have never had any problems with scratches. My new black patent GST is the shiny patent and will show fingerprints, but they come off easily. I have the black patent flap from last fall which is shiny and have never had a problem with it scratching. I think the patent and caviar are both easy to care for, at least in my experience. Hope this helps.