Does black epi speedy 25 or 30 look like a doctor's bag?

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  1. I've been dithering about getting a black epi speedy (if I bite the bullet it will be my first LV ever). Going to the boutique to try one on is not on the horizon so I need opinions please.

    I'm quite conservative hence the black speedy (I LOVE the red speedy but I know I won't use it). I'm 5 foot 2 inches and I won't reveal my weight. I'll just say I still haven't lost all my pregnancy pounds (had baby six months ago)!

    So I would like to know do they both look like doctor's bags or is it just the 30?

    Thank you!
  2. naw. most people dont think of doctor bags when they look at it. (well i dont at least...)
    i just think of, well.. an epi speedy!
  3. Yes, they look like doctor's bags to me. And depending upon the line you buy from, they also tend to sag and retain their shape poorly.
  4. I suppose they do a little (my father was a surgeon), but I have two and absolutely love them, including the sag. Doctors stopped carrying those kinds of bags about 25 years ago, so I wouldn't worry too much. The black speedy is a pretty bag. You can add pretty scarves if you want to soften it up a bit, or add a charm.

    I'm surprised some of you "youngsters" remember doctors' bags! (LOL!)

    I remember when I was young, I was having a slumber party and my father got called out for surgery in the middle of the night. We had been watching scary movies and telling ghost stories in the middle of the night and were sleeping in sleeping bags in the middle of the living room floor. My dad scrubbed up in the powder room and there was no towel so he had his hands in the air and was stepping over us in the dark. When of the girls started screaming - then all - it was hysterical!

    Anyway - get the black speedy - tie a beautiful hermes or other scarf on it and enjoy it. If it resembles a doctor's bag - that's okay - remember - doctor's bags were typically made out of gorgeous leather that lasted forever and were passed down - just like LVs!
  5. I'm contemplating an epi speedy 25 also. Red or black, red or black....:P
    It will be my first LV purchase, so I am just all over the place!
  6. The first time I told my BF that I wanted to buy the epi speedy, he kinda hesitated and whispered into my ears (we were in the boutique btw) and he said "it kinda looked like a doctor bag to me". Whatever, I liked it so I bought one for myself.

    Now I always refer it as the doctor bag in front of him... I am not ready to teach him all the LV names to confuse him yet, poor chap.

    I don't even know how a doctor bag looks like!! I just find the shape of speedy matches 90% of my outfits, and that's all I care about.
  7. My first designer bag was a Gucci doctor's bag (brown print with the red and green stripe) - 20 years later - it's still pretty and my daughter loves to use it - It looks like a doctor's bag too!
  8. LOL I carried my black epi speedy 30 and someone told me it looked like a mailbox!!! WTF!??! Heehee

    I LOVE it though--it is one of my FAV LV bags:smile:

    I say bite the bullet and get it!!

  9. Too funny! - I almost fell off my chair! It kind of does - you could put a little flag in that extra end pocket that some of them have! :biggrin: :lol:
  10. My BF is next to me and I told him this, he LOL and said "yes, yes yes!!!"
  11. ^^LOL! too funny! ya know, it kinda does...

    btw, m in med school and my med bag is a bally one that's a bit like the speedy but with a widening framed mouth so its easy to open. doctor's will have a hard time with the speedy IMO. ;)
  12. i have a question as I am not familiar with the EPI line.. is it only black and red nowadays?
  13. DH also mentioned to me that he didn't like the black 30 cause it looked too much like a doctor's bag. He likes the 25 for me better :yes:
    Come to think of it, my dad has a bag where he keeps his stethoscope that looks like the speedy!:roflmfao:
  14. Haha ladies!! It was actually a straight man who said that to me!!! He was joking with me but I thought it was tooooo funny!! LOL
  15. They have cannelle