Does black Epi look better with gold or silver hardware?

  1. That's the end of my question, LOL
  2. I think the silver looks better. The gold just looks odd?
  3. I personally like silver. It depends on what you like. Do you usually wear alot of yellow gold or alot of platinum (my fave), white gold or silver?
  4. I like the gold - but I hate silver.
  5. I think they look great with both.:yes:
  6. I agree! :yes:
  7. I only wear white metals, but for some reason the gold on my mono bags doesn't bother me in that it doesn't match.
  8. I usually only wear silver stuff, but I prefer black Epi with gold, looks more elegant, but then again Epi with silver looks "cool" if you get what I mean...
  9. I like the gold better on the black and on the red especially...the silver just looks dull to me.
  10. I prefer gold with black Epi.
  11. My personal preference is silver but I think the hardware looks fine in either color.
  12. I like the gold hardware with black, old style. also, the gold with the Castillian Red.
  13. i like the gold better
  14. Diito- About The Gold, I Have A Speedy 30 Black With Gold Hardware And Its Awesome!
  15. Well, I would have said gold, but I'm loving the silver on my canelle speedy... so I would have to go silver now. The thing is that LV is still making most of their charms/key chains in gold, but the epi line has moved to silver? If you think you are going to want to buy a matching strap or wallet, I would go silver because it will be easier to find those things in the future. But if you mostly wear gold and you want to use inclusion or pastelles keychains, then go gold.