does black dustbag without drawstring ever exist?

  1. All the chanel expert, I just got my jumbo vintage and it comes with a black chanel dustbag without drawstring, has chanel ever produce a dustbag in such style?

    I believe the bag is from 90s.

    Thanks a lot
  2. I think the older bags were white without a drawstring. So possibly the later 90's were black without drawstrings.
  3. Yes.......I have a chanel bag from the early 90's and it came with a white dustbag with no drawstring.
  4. yes they did come without the drawstrings...mine were from the 90's too.
  5. thanks Jormom, memyself and Cheena50

    Cheena, this is a photo of my dustbag that comes with my vintage jumbo.

    So is your dustbag which without the drawstring is a black one? or the older version white one?
  6. I have few chanel bags from teh 90s and yes, I have some black ones without string... Also some white one (I think the white one is thicker than the balck one).. My classic flap came with black pouch without string. Hope this helps...
  7. This is good to know information...thanks.
  8. oh thanks a lot for your info.. i feel much better now.

    I done some research on google and TPF and I cannot find any info or pics with a black dustbag without drawstring.. i am so scare this is a fake one.

    Many many thanks!
  9. Your welcome ChloeSS. Yes, some of my dustbags came in white and it was a thicker fabric. Unfortunately, i washed some of them and they shranked! :cry: my stupidity. sigh*
  10. I have a few older bags that came with black sleeper bags, no drawstring. And I have the older white bags with no drawstrings. I prefer that thickness but not the fabric.
  11. Yea i think from the photo the white no drawstring dustbag looks thicker than the black one...