does billfold come in damier azur?

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  1. ^^ i looked at the website but it seems to me that the billfold with 6 CC slots only come in mono and damier (but not damier azur). if it comes in damier azur i'll get probably buy it. can any confirm?
  2. awww...soooo sorry I put this in your head. I've seen a wallet in azur that looks like the billfold, but it's actually the "wallet with coin pocket". I think it looks like the billfold but it doesn't have the 6 cc slots, it only has 4 with a coin pocket.
  3. is this a men's or women's wallet?
  4. ^^^^
    It could probably be unisex...
  5. you know the items they call it billfold with 6 CC slots for $295 on the website... i can't find one in damier azur.. does that mean they don't have it in that colour?