does bezel setting make your diamond look bigger?

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  1. so i heard that bezel setting makes your diamond look bigger, but I fail to understand why. I'd think that since it grabs hold of the entire circumference of the diamond i'd lessen the light that comes in to make the diamond sparkle and make it look smaller....

    and would it only apply for bezel with smooth surface metal, or would milgrain surface bezel also work?

    thank you~!
  2. I think it makes it look bigger, but less sparkly.
  3. It makes it look bigger because there's a ring of metal around the stone that expands the diameter. It doesn't reduce the sparkle factor of a well-cut diamond, but it does kind of contain the sparkle to within the bezeled area. You use some of the edge to edge because the bezel takes a hair of the diameter over to hold the stone.

    I think smooth/shiny bezels look better than milgrain for an outright bezel. If you are doing a halo, I think milgrain looks good because of the stones being bead set.
  4. It also depends on the color of the diamond. If you're talking about a fancy yellow colored diamond a yellow gold bezel setting will make it look larger. A white metal bezel setting will make a white diamond look larger. A bezel-set diamond will return somewhat less light than a prong-set diamond but if it's cut well enough you probably won't be in want of fire and brilliance.

    Also, a bezel setting in platinum will make a white diamond look smaller than the same diameter diamond set in white gold or silver because less platinum is needed to adequately secure the diamond, although it will still look larger than if it were set in prongs.
  5. I had a bezel diamond briefly and hated it. But then, I don't care for low/flush settings.
  6. Basically, the bezel performs the optical illusion of drawing your eye to the edges of the diamond, and a little beyond. I think the risk is in going too big with the bezel, which will then, ironically, make it look too small, lost in a sea of metal. In terms of light return, we're talking about a minimal difference: no matter how big the outer circumference is, a good bezel should go less than mm. in from the stone's edge.

    BTW, I'm a huge bezel fan: I love the security, and the illusion of added size is a nice bonus!
  7. My friend had a bezel set, and I always thought it looked huge compared to the actual carat size.
  8. also depends on the stone & actual setting. generally the more light a diamond gets the larger it looks and bezels dont give way to much light.
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    Here's a fun example that may help! This is the same diamond shown 3 different ways: in a stone holder (comparable to how it would look in a prong solitaire), bezel set in a vintage setting, and bezel set in a heavy bezel milgrained solitaire. The last setting, heavy bezel solitaire, is how I currently have it set and it's great, but then again I'm a die hard bezel lover! Bezels are so secure, nothing to snag, suits my lifestyle and protects the delicate girdle of the antique diamond (this particular stone is ex thn to thn). Note that the new bezel setting has an open basket, which I designed intentionally to allow in as much light as possible.

    Sometimes I think the bezel makes the stone look bigger, other times I think it doesn't. Depends on the angle and my mood, I suppose!



  10. How's the side-view on that last pic Erica?

    You know....yours may be the ONLY bezel I've seen & actually liked.
  11. Awwww, thanks! Here are side pics of the ring :smile:

  12. ^ um, WOW is the only thing I can muster right now....simply gorgeous!!!
  13. ^^ I second that!!! just stunning!
  14. Thanks!
  15. Well now I know why I like it! The workmanship is amazing! Not your typical bezel setting by any means!