Does BCBG make an XXS in dresses?

  1. I found an absolutely gorgeous dress today at Nordstroms that they just got in, but the XS was too loose and it's a strapless . . . . can't exactly wear it safely. I'll stop looking if they don't make XXS, but I figure someone here might know. TIA!
  2. I dont think so but i've noticed that BEBE started carrying xxs. Good luck!
  3. Some of their dresses come in XXS. I think they may have been the stretchy jersey type dresses that come in this size.
  4. yes some dresses do come in xxs but not all styles
  5. Both Bebe and BCBG make dresses in XXS (BCBG has started making 00 as well), but only in limited styles. Hopefully your dress is one of them!
  6. Whew. Thanks everyone. I'll keep looking and post a link when it goes up on Nordies (it's very new so it's not up yet). Holding out hope :smile:
  7. Can you call a BCBG store with the style number? I would think they should be able to tell you. Also, can it be altered to fit you better?

    I LOOOOVE BCBG dresses, definite go-to when I need a dress for something.
  8. I just bought a stretchy jersey type dress in XXS yesterday.