Does bbag regular hardware match silver or gold better?

  1. For those who match their jewerly and shoes/accessories with their bags, is the RH on bbags closer to or better with silver or gold?
  2. the wonderful thing about RH is...I hadn't noticed!!! Could wear either in my opinion. Now with my GGH bag, I must wear gold!
  3. ITA w/all of above!
  4. you can wear both!!!!
  5. Both, but I don't like GGH bags because I don't wear yellow gold.
  6. Yup. You can (and I do) wear both with RH. Another perk of bbags!
  7. good question..This is something I try to figure out for the longest time;)
    I never really could decide if one or the other colour matches better so I wear whateva I want with it;)
  8. it match both gold and siler, imo.
  9. How funny, I was just thinking about this earlier today when I was looking at other bags. I'm not a huge fan of blingy bags, even just returned a miu miu bow satchel because the gold zipper and such were too much for me, and that's not a heavily hardwared bag. I like the RH bals because the hardware is unobtrusive. I absolutely agree that you can wear either gold or silver (or platinum) with it, since it's a very matte, darker color.
  10. It all depends on the colour of the leather, but I do like the silver hardware better on me :smile:
  11. I agree that RH matches either. Aso when wearing RH, I've noticed I'm more liberal with my accessories, more bangles, layered necklaces, maybe a demure ring, but when I wear GGH, I'm extremely minimalist, diamond studs and necklace. I don't want to be too blingy.:nogood:
  12. I had the same post up today. I actually stopped by Barneys today to see the bags and the regular hardware would look great with either color of jewelry or accessories. It is a warm metal with gold undertones. If you are worried about matching, I would definitely say go with the regular hardware.
  13. Regular matches either, it's not that noticeable and sort of blends with the bag, but the GSH and GGH clash with your jewelry in my opinion. I wear white gold or platinum and the GGH hardware looks horrible with it.
  14. I agree 100% I can wear anything with RH! :smile:
  15. I think it's safe to say that you could pull off all jewelry with the regular hardware!