Does BANNING work?

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  1. When I started to buy LV, I had a small list of bags that I wanted. But as I bought more, my list grew longer. Now I'm 4 bags away from completing my long list, but I REALLY want to stop after that. I want to BAN myself from buying more LV. I'm a little skeptical if that's going to work, given that I'm a compulsive shopper ( and I'm not proud of that at all, in fact it really worries me). Have any of you guys set a ban and really stuck to it? Or do you think being a part of this forum undermines your willpower? I'm curious and would love to hear your opinion.
  2. Hellz no! I'm my own worst enemy! I'm absolutley horrible at setting goals for myself and following through.
  3. I don't think coming to PF will help your bag either!:lol: I should post a pic of all the bags I got since I joined PF!:nuts:
  4. Can you Irene??? I would love to see that. I think it would be really interesting if we just started a thread where everyone posted pictures of the bags they bought after joining this forum. If you want to start it, I'll contribute, and I'm sure everyone else will. What do you think??
  5. Honestly if you want the ban to work you probably have to stay off this (and similar) forums.
  6. :yes: ;)
  8. Yeah I've tried bans...(see my signature lol) but so far to no avail...:sad:

    If you're REALLY serious, I'd block myself ebay and this forum if you can...:yes:
  9. yup! Don't allow yourself to view this forum and don't go shopping or looking at handbags. Just steer clear!
  10. OK, so here it goes (since my joining date in Jan. '06):
    Epi Speedy 30
    Graffiti Speedy 30
    Damier Speedy 30
    French Co. Speedy 30
    MC Fringe Speedy 25
    Mono Mizi
    Mizi Vienna
    Le Fab
    Epi Petit Noe
    Mono Petit Noe
    Manhattan GM
    Epi French Purse (wallet)
    Panda Cles
    Metallin SPY
    Wisteria SPY
    Hologram SPY
    PICT3369.JPG PICT3370.JPG PICT3371.JPG PICT3372.JPG Graffiti.JPG
  11. Yea, I told myself I wasn't going to buy anything else and I lied because I've spent a lot of money in the past week on handbags and shoes.
  12. I put myself on a ban in April...and ended up buying ten bags. I just gave up. I feel worse when I try to ban myself and break the ban, than when I just tell myself to slow down. I think when you try to cut something cold turkey, you want it more. JMHO
  13. HOLY MARY MOTHER OF GOD!!!:nuts: I don't know exactly how to react. I love each and every one of these bags, and if I had the money, I would have done what you did. What is it about this forum that makes us act this way? Is it the fact that everyone is supportive and comments on our purchases and makes us feel better? Is it seeing that other people are doing it so it's OK for me to do it? Is it seeing bags on other people that make you start liking it, then wanting it, then buying it? Is it competition? IMO, I think it's all of it. What is the exact reason that motivated you to buy all these bags??
  14. I've never bought anything purposely because of this or any other forums. I know what I like and go for it because I go to the stores often enough that I can see the new things and try them on for myself. Sure I have a list of things I've bought since I HAVE been on this forum but have never bought anything simply because I've seen it here.
    Anyway, I just pace myself. I have a constant list of things I like because I check out elux and the runway show sites so I see what's upcoming and what I might be interested in.
    I try to limit myself to one or two things a month though. It's like a diet..banning yourself from buying/eating certain things is pretty hazardous because then you'll just crave it more since you "can't" have it, like nathansgirl said.