Does Balenciaga's leather vary

  1. from season to season, year to year?
  2. Absolutely and not just that from colour to colour and within the colours as well!!!!
  3. Yep in 2005 there was the smooshy thick leather then s/s 2006 the leather was veiny and dry, f/w 2006 the leather was thick and veiny and s/s 2007 the leather is thick and smooth cept from periwinkle I gather. The flat brasses of 2001 and 2002 were pebbly I believe and 2003 and 2004 the leather was very thick and smooth! The best leathers are 2005 and before oh and 2007 has pretty good leather! Check out this link for more info:
  4. 2006 leather in general was not as good as say 2005, although this is personal preference how you like you leather to be ie veiny, not veiny, shiny, squishy, etc....
  5. yes, they are wayyyyy varied.
    even the same colour from the same season varied :yes:
  6. Thanks you guys! This helps. I wanted to know that if I bought a 2007 BBag the leather might be similar in quality to 2005 or before, I knew I remembered reading something about 2006 being 'eh' ...
  7. A friend of mine sold her BBags saying it was b/c the leather is very thin? Is this also true?
  8. It varies immensely even on the same bag from the same season. I have a white from f/w '06 that is almost exactly like '05 leather. I've seen anthracites and sandstones with thinnish veiny leather and others that were thick and smooth. Some of the winter '06 had smooth thick leather, but they were also heavier, and noticbly so. Huge advantage if you can see them all and choose one, or have them sent on consignment then choose what you want.