Does Balenciaga Work ever go on sale?

  1. I am in need of a bag for work. I think the work will be perfect!! (will it fit a laptop occasionally?

    I really want to get one on sale. Do they go on sale regularly?
    I don't need it right away and I can wait!

    I would love a deep red or black!!

  2. Hi faye! I haven't heard of any recent sales that included the work style. Are you interested in buying only a new bag or would you be willing to get one off ebay? In the "Achtung" section, someone posted a great-looking black work.
    Good luck! :flowers:
  3. I am open to used one as well!! I dont' know what Achtung is so I'm gonna go check it out!! Thanks!
  4. Yes--oh, and also, aloha rag isnt raising their price on the Work style this fall, so it's like 100+ dollars off compared to getting it from BalNY! And no tax if you're not in hawaii either (plus free shipping)